WOW 50% Off KLOGS’ Komfort!

Based in Sullivan, Missouri, KLOGS’ USA has been creating WOW Komfort™ since 1999.  A term coined by KLOGS’ customers, Wow Komfort™ refers to the satisfaction customers feel when first trying on KLOGS’ shoes.

KLOGS’ takes pride in the fact that their shoes don’t require breaking in.  These  shoes, made from a polyurethane formula, include removable footbeds that immediately mold to the foot.  The technology also absorbs shock, making KLOGS’ WOW Komfort™ last the whole day. Not only are the shoes designed with a deep heel cup and arch support, but the removable footbeds also allow for the use of custom orthotics and inserts. They are also made a bit wider than most shoes, and with goring, to accommodate the swelling of the foot that occurs when a person is on their feet all day.  Those with high insteps will also appreciate how the goring contributes to the fit.

Because they offer all-day comfort, KLOGS are extremely popular with both nurses and food industry workers.  A key requirement for shoes used in these fields is that they are slip-resistant.  KLOGS USA has made it their goal to provide these workers with shoes that are as functional as they are comfortable on the job.  When tested using the James method, the test recognized by the U.S. Postal Service, KLOGS USA exceeded the slip-resistance standards under dry, wet, and oily surface conditions.

The Shoe Mart offers KLOGS in various styles and colors, and they are now ON SALE for 50% off!  From fun floral prints to stylish and sensible Nubuck, now is the best time to buy Klogs and step into a shoe so comfortable, it will have you saying, WOW!

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