Work it Wednesday: Timberland EarthKeeper

Timberland Earthkeeper Boots. (Image from
Timberland Earthkeepers Boots. (Image from

This week The Shoe Mart is bringing you tons of info about Timberland boots, handing out tips, trivia, and even a pair of Earthkeepers 6-Inch Men’s Boots. Maybe you’ve been following along, and you’ve started thinking that you like the look of these boots, but you don’t know how or when you would wear them. That’s where Work it Wednesday comes in. We browse the net for celebrities, models, and the fashion-obsessed, scan reviews for recommendations, add a bit of our own style advice, and put it all in one place, just for you.  Stay tuned each week for a blog on how to wear our featured style and brand.

Timberland Men’s boots are known for their rugged durability, comfort and classic look. The Earthkeepers line adds a modern environmentally-conscious construction. From this line we are GIVING AWAY a pair of the 6 Inch Boot, available in Red Brown Burnished (pictured above) or Dark Brown Burnished Oiled Nubuck premium leather. Made with anti-fatigue technology for the hardworking Americans that spend long days on their feet, you can wear your Timberlands all day, in the great outdoors or just trekking around the city. So what do you wear them with?

You can pair Timberland boots with khakis or chinos. You can pull the pant legs over the boots and wear a collared shirt for a dressier look. If you want to look more modern, you can also cuff them or tuck them into the boots, or your socks. Trending skinny or slim pants can be worn with the boots laced over them as well. Grab your jacket and take to the streets…

Australian actor Liam Hemsworth, left, wearing Timberland Earthkeepers 6-Inch  boots. (Image from
Australian actor Liam Hemsworth, left, wearing Timberland Earthkeepers 6-Inch boots. (Image from

… or head out to the trails. These boots will hold up.

Chinos tucked in socks. (Image from
Chinos tucked in socks. (Image from

You can also wear Timberland Earthkeeper boots with jeans. Timberlands make great casual work boots and you can create a tough look with worn jeans for an adventurous day out, or just wear them working around int he yard.

Jeans are also becoming more acceptable in the workplace, and if you work in a casual environment, these boots are a perfect match for your nicer jeans. Chictopia user OliverPlaid shows off a casual social outfit, and a work-appropriate casual outfit below.

Taylor Lautner wears Timberland Earthkeepers in the movie Twilight, as the Werewolf Jacob Black.
Taylor Lautner wears Timberland Earthkeepers  with worn jeans in the movie Twilight, as the Werewolf Jacob Black.
Chictopia user OliverPlaid pairs his Timberland Earthkeepers boots with cuffed jeans, button-up shirt and cardigan for a casual look.
Chictopian OliverPlaid dresses up his Timberland Earthkeepers with a dress shirt and tie.

So now that you know how to style them, here a few more tips for working your Timberland Earthkeepers:

A lot of reviewers state that these boots, like most Timberlands, run large, so you may want to size down by a half or full size. If you need help with sizing, feel free to contact our Customer Service department.

These shoes have great traction in the snow and ice, and Timberland waterproofing is excellent in the snow.

Most of all, wherever these boots take you, you’re never fully dressed without a smile. Between the awesome comfort and style, you’ll have plenty of reason to grin.


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