The Amazing Design and Benefits of Vibram Five Fingers

Dubbed as the barefoot alternative, Vibram Five Fingers don’t feel much like ordinary footwear, but rather tougher versions of feet. With their odd design that is based off of a human bare foot, Vibram footwear has surely attracted raves and mixed reviews. However, once worn by an experienced athlete, their initial negative assumptions will immediately be proven wrong.

Focusing on the importance of how the toes keep the overall balance of a person, the footwear allows its wearer to perform athletic activities as if bare footed sans the injuries. It is much like wearing a foot glove with sections for each toe, which are surprisingly comfortable, allowing more freedom for the feet. They are the only type of footwear that allows its wearer to experience activities in barefoot with the protection and sure-footed grip of a Vibram sole.

Available in-store at The Shoe Mart, Vibram Five Fingers is a revolutionary type of footwear that is uniquely different in all angles. Whether it’s the design, the benefits, or the freedom and flexibility it provides, this shoe model is definitely like no other.

Visit or contact 1-800-850-7463 for more information.

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