Tech Tuesday: Alden Lasts

All of the different Alden lasts explained, side by side. You are welcome.

Many of our product descriptions contain videos from our own Joe Zapatka that teach you more about each last. For the full collection of videos on Alden Shoes you can visit our YouTube Channel or Alden Shoes Info Videos Pinterest Board!

You can shop Alden shoes by last at


Alden Men’s Monk Strap Kid Suede Brown Suede

Alden Men’s Full Strap Tassel Calfskin Burgundy

Alden Men’s Wing Tip Blucher Calfskin Burnished Tan


Alden Men’s Cap Toe Bal Oxford Shell Cordovan Black Shell

 Alden Men’s Medallion Tip Bal Calfskin Tan

Alden Men’s 9 Eyelet Cap Toe Boot Commando Sole Calfskin Black


Alden Men’s Plain Toe Bal Patent Leather Plaza Last Black Patent

Alden Men’s 6 Eyelet Medallion Blucher Black Shell

Alden Men’s Plaza Slip-On Plaza Last Mocha Kid Suede


Alden Men’s Penny Loafer Flex Welt Suede Dark Brown 

Alden Men’s Penny Loafer Flex Welt Calfskin Dark Cognac


Alden Men’s Mocc Toe Blucher Calfskin Tar Brown

Alden Men’s Unlined Chukka Boot Flex Welt Suede Tan Suede


Alden Men’s Cap Toe Boot Shell Cordovan Black Shell

Alden Men’s Cap Toe Boot Shell Cordovan Color 8


Alden Men’s Wing Tip Bal Shell Cordovan Black

Alden Men’s Wing Tip Bal Shell Cordovan Color 8


Alden Men’s Leisure Handsewn Calfskin Burnished Tan

Alden Men’s Handsewn 5 Eyelet Blucher Oxford Calfskin Brown Suede

Alden Men’s Leisure Handsewn Shell Cordovan Ravello Shell Cordovan


Alden Men’s All Weather Walker Norwegian Front Calfskin Brown

Alden Men’s Long Wing Blucher Shell Cordovan Color 8

Alden Men’s Long Wing New Dark Tan

Alden Men’s Chukka Boot Natural Chrome Excel

Alden Men’s Saddle Oxford Calfskin Brown


Alden Men’s Algonquin Blucher Oxford Calf Skin Modified Last Black

Alden Men’s 45625H Natural Chrome Excel


Alden Men’s Indy Boot Shell Cordovan Color 8

Alden Men’s Indy Boot High Top Blucher Workboot Tobacco Chamois

Alden Men’s Indy Boot High Top Blucher Workboot Brown Chrome Excel

Lasts that aren’t pictured:


Alden Men’s Plain Toe Blucher Oxford Lightweight Rubber Outsol Black


Alden Men’s Horse Bit Loafer Suede Brown

Alden Men’s Mocc Oxford Vibram Sole Mahogany

Alden Men’s Long Vamp Beefroll Penny Mocc Leather Sole Burgundy High Polish


Alden Men’s Camp Mocc Suede Driving Sole Milkshake


Alden Men’s Algonquin Blucher Oxford Calfskin Truflare Last Black


Alden Men’s Handsewn Oxford Luxury Comfort Calfskin Tan


Alden Men’s Mocc Toe Blucher Oxford Calfskin Trusquare Last Black

If you have any questions about Alden lasts or Alden shoes in general, feel free to call our Customer Service team. They are always glad to help, and they are available at 800-850-7483 Monday through Saturday, 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM EST.

Don’t forget to check out this blog from August that gives you more detail about the importance of Alden shoe lasts when fitting a shoe!

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