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New 2015 Pendlay WeightLifting Shoes

The Pendlay Weightlifting Shoe company was founded by Olympic weightlifter Glenn Pendlay when he joined up with MuscleDriver USA founder Brad Hess. Pendlay creates products exclusively for the sport of weightlifting, and the experience of real, professional weightlifters is put into every aspect of the Pendlay Do-Win shoes.

The Pendlay Do-Win WL shoe has a 3/4 inch heel height, which is the standard recommended height for Olympic Weightlifting shoes.  The iconic Do-Win fit is wider to allow for toe splay while lifting.  They are a great option for both beginners and for those with a wider foot. Pendlay also makes women’s traditional weightlifting shoes, while many other brands do not.

Let’s take a look at how their look has evolved over the years:


2010 Pendlay Weightlifting Shoes


2011 Pendlay Weightlifting Shoes


2013 Pendlay Weightlifting Shoes


2014 Pendlay Weightlifting Shoes



And now, the new 2015 Pendlay Weightlifting shoes :








Keep an eye on TheShoeMart.com, as the 2015 Pendlay Weightlifting shoes will be available soon! What do you think of the new colorways? Would you pick up a pair?

FastLifts: Inov-8’s New Weightlifting Shoe

Inov-8 is well-known for their belief in natural running, which relies on the strength of the runner’s legs and feet.  They believe that the foot should have control over the shoe, instead of the shoe doing running for them. Their products take a minimalist approach, aiming to keep the foot close to the ground so that runners are able to adapt to the terrain beneath them–from rocks to mud to mountain.  They are largely popular for their running and cross-training shoes, especially among Fitness enthusiasts. Their products also have a unique aesthetic that is bold but streamlined, fun but also sophisticated.

We are proud to announce the FastLifts for both Men and Women, Inov-8’s first purely weightlifting shoe. The FastLift’s flexibility, grip, and comfort are setting a new standard. The Men’s Fastlift 335’s name references it’s light weight of 335g (12 oz.), which is rather light for the lift of the heel and stability that the Fastlift offers.  The Women’s 315 (11 oz.) is equally light and supportive.

The shoes feature an Eternal Heel Cage (EHC) for lateral stability and internal comfort, Shoc-Zone™ technology for deep squats, and Powertruss cylindrical tubing that creates a stable base with reduced weight without sacrificing power.  The Powertruss heel almost forces you to lift properly, with your knees out and all the weight on the outside edge and heel of your foot.  Like all of Inov-8’s shoes, the FastLifts are fit for performance.  Crafted with the Inov-8 anatomical Precision fit last, there is enough space for toe splay when lifting, but not enough room for undesired shifting.  Inov-8’s Meta-Flex™ technology provides leading comfort and flexibility, ideal for sprints, double unders, and box jumps. The suction cup outsole is constructed with an inverse checker plate for maximum leading edges and ground contact. The nylon ripstop upper and seamless construction create a durable shoe that will keep up with your fitness goals.

And if all of these features seem too confusing to you…

Well, they look really cool, too.