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High Quality Moreschi Shoes Available at TheShoeMart.com

If there’s one word that epitomizes Moreschi shoes, it’s quality. The use of refined CAD software (computer aided design) is the only computerized stage in the production process. All the leather is stored in a leather warehouse; available leathers can cover up to a year’s worth of production. 80% of the leather is cut using metal dies, though there are still several models that are hand-cut.

The shoes then go to the sewing department, which is composed of highly trained professionals. The moccasins, in particular, are still hand-sewn according to the 50-year-old procedures. The shoe then goes through the lasting process, or the process by which the body is attached to the “last” sole. The shoes are finished in a special department whose processes include cleaning, polishing, and branding of the sole.

Moreschi shoes are available at TheShoeMart.com, an online retailer of the biggest shoe brands. Many of these shoes are on sale.