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Magnanni Shoes Part of The Shoe Mart Illustrious Collection

Magnanni shoes stand for sophistication. Designed for the man who knows his appearance is a reflection of his style and taste, these shoes are both classic and contemporary. Founded by Sebastian Blanco, the company has been in the family for three generations. Operations are based in a small town in Spain.

The shoe brand prides itself on three principles: commitment to quality handcrafted footwear, a rigorous leather selection process, and the application of distinctive designs. The unique thing about this brand is that they use the Bologna construction method, whose end result is similar to a glove for the foot.

TheShoeMart.com carries this Magnanni as part of its illustrious shoe collection. The shoes come in various styles and colors, and can be shipped directly to the buyer’s home. By purchasing Magnanni shoes, men can show off their sophisticated style to the world. Top sellers include the Toledo, Pamplona, and Palma models.