Spotlight Brand: Allen Edmonds

Allen Edmonds had been handcrafting men’s shoes in the US since 1922. Based on the Wisconsin shores of Lake Michigan, AE is extremely proud of their American production. Each shoe is made using their traditional 212-step manufacturing process and is touched by over 100 different pairs of American hands.

AE offers a variety of dress and casual shoes, from oxfords to loafers to boots, available in over one hundred sizes, from 6 to 16, and from a narrow AAA to a wide EEE. They truly believe in the proper fit, with 13 Goodyear Welted lasts, and 5 Handsewn lasts to accommodate every shape and size foot. The versatility is endless, with numerous different shapes, sizes, designs and materials. AE also manufactures belts that correspond to each shoe in color and style, believing that it is important that their customers look effortlessly connected.

AE offers timeless designs inspired by the “All-American sensibility” of the countries great men, cities, and natural terrain. Those that wear Allen Edmonds shoes make a statement, however, it is a quiet statement that commands respect. Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush all wore Allen Edmonds Park Avenue shoe for their inaugurations, one of the most important moments of their careers.

Allen Edmonds focuses on superior quality, using premium calfskin and cordovan leathers. They are famous for their hot cork footbeds, which provide the ultimate comfort. If it’s time to stop buying new throw-away shoes every year, AE is definitely a brand to consider. Not only do many of their customers report not having to replace the shoes for ten or more years, but AE also offers an excellent Recrafting service in which they rebuild your shoes from the bottom up to extend its usable life. The standard Recrafting consists of AE replacing the soles, heels, welting, cork layer under insoles, and lace, and also refinishing the upper of the shoe. To see how this process works, check out the video below.

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