SUP Feet? Shoes for Stand-up Paddle Boarding

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding is becoming pretty popular among water sports in the US.

While many serious racers, free stylers, and paddle boarding yogis prefer to SUP barefoot, there are occasions in which you want to wear water shoes or booties.

Booties are recommended in extreme cold conditions to keep you from losing heat through your feet. Water shoes, however, are often recommended year-round because they protect your feet. This is especially important for beginners, who are more likely to fall off the paddle board and encounter rocks, debris, and even oyster beds.


What should you look for in SUP footwear?

1. The shoe should drain water, and be breathable in order to keep your foot cool and comfortable.

2. You want the shoes to fit snugly to reduce sores and pain from friction and rubbing.

3. The sole of the shoe should be flexible, so that you can make more contact and balance better on the board.

4. Shoes with antimicrobial features help to prevent odor and fungus, and are a good idea if you plan to hang out with your friends after paddle boarding.


Our picks for paddle boarding are the Vibram Five Fingers TrekSport, TrekSport Sandal, and KSO, as well as the New Balance WO70 and MO70.

VFF TrekSport

VFF TrekSport Sandal


The Vibram FiveFingers Watersport shoes offer excellent balance for paddle boarding thanks to their barefoot, five-toe design. They also include antimicrobial footbeds. The glove-like fit and secure closure systems of Vibram FiveFingers means that you won’t have to worry about unnecessary rubbing or discomfort and you will be free to enjoy the great views that are associated with SUPing.


New Balance MO70 / WO70

The New Balance WO70 and MO70 have an excellent midsole, outsole, and heel drainage system. The secure bungee closure system keeps them snug on your feet and allows for stability. The sole offers lightweight protection and traction to help you on the board, and off. This shoe also offers an antimicrobial footbed.

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Magnanni Shoes

Like us here at The Shoe Mart, Magnanni is a third generation, family-owned company. Their products are handcrafted in Almansa, Spain using traditional techniques that require extensive knowledge and skill. Magnanni focuses on handcrafting innovative designs and hand finishes using carefully selected leathers. They are known for their updated finishes on classic designs and their Bologna construction.

The pursuit of perfection, with simple, classic designs and attention to detail, has been our family essence for three generations.”


So what exactly is Bologna construction? It is a method of constructing leather shoes that focus on comfort and style. The leather upper is first formed into a “tube” or “bag” shape before it is put on the last. While the top part of the upper is lined normally, the lower part is lined with a soft leather insole. Bologna construction eliminates the need for a mid-sole and not only allows the shoe to fit more like a glove for your feet, but also allows for exceptional flexibility.

Despite being Spanish-made, the Bologna construction helps to give Magnanni shoes a bit of an Italian flair. This includes an elongated toe when compared to English-styled shoes. Customers enjoy the comfort and buttery soft leather of Magnanni shoes. We recommend that you use a pair of shoe trees to keep your Magnannis in top shape.

If you have any questions about sizing or Magnanni shoes in general, as always, feel free to contact us! Customer service is available between 9:30 AM and 6:00 PM EST Monday-Saturday at 800-850-7463. You can also shoot us an email at [email protected] !

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Reebok CrossFit Nano 4.0s

Introducing the newly-released Reebok CrossFit Nano 4.0! We want to help you get to know this extremely versatile shoe, so we’ll let you know all about the features that make it a great shoe to WOD in as well as how it compares to previous Nanos.

The Reebok CrossFit Nano 4.0 is designed with the CrossFitter in mind. This means that the shoe is designed to withstand the sport’s variety of functional movements. From the Nano U-Form, to the 2.0, 3.0, and now 4.0, Reebok has put itself up to the challenge of creating a shoe that can withstand the unknowable.

photo 5 (3)

The Nano 4.0 features a protective DuraCage and breathable open-weave mesh upper that allows the flexibility your feet need for running, box jumps, and burpees. The RopePro protection wrap will protect your toes during double unders and olympic lifts. The 4mm drop, multi-surface outsole, and shock-absorbing forefoot and heel pods mean that you don’t have to change into different shoes for your Oly Lifts (unless you really want to).


Reebok Women's CrossFit Nano 4.0 Style #: M40528Reebok Men's CrossFit Nano 3.0 Style #: V53240

The Nano 4.0 multi-surface outsole remains pretty true to the outsole of the 3.0, as shown above. It still has RopePro technology to help with rope climbs.

photo 4 (5)

The RopePro Protection Toe Wrap and DuraCage however, are both looking a little different.

photo 1 (11)photo 4 (4)  

While the Nano 2.0 has DuraGrip print along the toe cap, the Nano 3.0 introduced the DuraCage upper, which offered more stability and protection for your feet while maintaining  the shoe’s flexibility. The DuraCage of the 4.0 features a finer toe grid on the toe box and a sleeker diamond-weave on the uppers. The toe wrap is also similar to the one on the Nano 3.0, with a more updated look.

photo 3 (8)

The heel cup of the 4.0 has been re-designed. It is slightly longer and leather-lined. The new design allows the shoe to cup your heel more firmly, giving you a stronger base in your heel for heavy lifts.

photo 1 (10)

One of the major differences between the 4.0 and the 3.0 is that the 4.0 is more flexible. Many customers find the Nano 4.0 on par with the 2.0 when it comes to running.  Sizing runs true to Reebok Nano sizing (usually a 1/2 size smaller than your normal athletic shoe size). Feel free to contact our customer service department if you have any further questions about sizing by calling 800-850-7463 Monday through Saturday from 9:30-6:00 pm EST or emailing [email protected] .

photo 3 (7)

You can order Reebok CrossFit Nano 4.0’s at or visit our store in Norwalk, CT.

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Naot Footbeds

Naot Logo

What’s the secret to Naot comfort?

Naot Men's Director Black Raven-Black Velvet NubuckNaot Men's Santa Barbara Buffalo

It’s all in the footbeds.

Naot‘s Footbeds are uniquely engineered so that when you wear Naot shoes, you feel as if you are leaving your footprint in the sand. Each is a high-quality blend of natural latex and cork designed to be flexible, absorb shock, and replicate the shape of the foot. They are also designed to support the foot in all the crucial areas–arch, hallux, heel, and center.  The Hallux, or big toe, support keeps your foot from slipping forward in your shoe. Arch support reduces pressure from the spinal column and joints, while the elevated center reduces pressure from joints in the center of the foot. All of these together with a deep heel indentation help your body to balance and allow for an even distribution of your body weight.

We mention some of our favorite styles and collections below. Each includes a suede-covered, anatomic, latex and cork Naot footbed that molds to the shape of the foot with wear. Be sure to check some of them out on our Naot Pinterest Board, as well. You can also scroll to the bottom of this post to see a video about how Naot shoes are made.


The Classic Collection Footbed is exactly that. It features Naot‘s classic anatomic cork and latex footbed. Covered in suede, the Naot footbed molds to the shape of the foot as you wear it.

The Women’s Classic Collection is best for medium to wide widths. It is not removable. Shoes with the Classic Collection have a .75″ EVA sole and include the Tahoe and Malibu.

Avante Garde

Shoes in the Women’s Naot Avant-Garde Collection, including the Afrodita and Loop, have a 2″ TPR sole and a metal shank for stability.  Best for Narrow to Medium widths.


The Women’s Elegant Collection has a  1.5″ EVA sole, and is best for narrow to medium widths. It is not removable. Shoes in the Elegant collection include Ashley, Alyssa, Betty, Michelle, and Sandy.

The Elegant Flat Collection is has a .75″ EVA non-removable sole, and includes styles like the Allison and Dorith.


The Men‘s Scandanavian Collection features a removable anatomic footbed best for medium widths. The collection includes popular sandals like the Julius and Martin, clogs like the Bjorn, boots like the Pilot, and shoes like the Denali and Yukon.

The Women’s Naot High Scandinavian  Collection has a 1.75″ polyurethane heel and is best for medium width. The lightweight, stable, and durable collection includes the Rome, which has a fully padded upper, and clogs like the Darma.


The Women’s Koru Collection has a 1″, removable polyurethane sole and is best for medium widths. Best for medium widths, the Koru collection includes the Totara and Nikau


The Naot Women’s Impulse Collection has a 2.75″ TPR wedge sole and is best for narrow to medium widths. This collection includes fun styles like the Treasure and Flirt.


The Naot Men’s Executive Collection makes the workplace more comfortable with its removable cork and latex footbed and 1.75″ TPR sole. Take it to the next level with styles like the Chief and Success.


The Men’s Console Collection from Naot has a 1.5″ polyurethane sole and removable Naot cork and latex footbed. Best for medium to wide widths, the Console Collection includes the Gary and Mark.

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Keen Newport

Keen creates products that encourage HybridLife, a way of life that emphasizes their three principals: create, play, care. HybridLife encompasses the balance of work, play, and giving back, and Keen commits to creating products that allow you to use the world as your playground.  They also commit to care for that playground, and everyone else on it.


Keen began their Journey in March of 2003 with the design question:

Can a Sandal protect your toes?

 KEEBison  keeRED


Their answer was the Newport.

The shoe’s outsoles wrap up and over the toes for ultimate protection, keeping your toes safe while you feet get plenty of fresh air. The Newport‘s outsole also features a multi-directional lug pattern and razor siping–lateral slices in the shoes sole that flex open during movement–to keep maximum traction on wet or dry surfaces.  (Click here to see that up close) The Newport also features a metatomical footbed design for arch support and a natural, contoured fit.

 photo 1 (7) photo 2 (7) photo 3 (5)

While the original Newports feature a Leather upper, the Newport H2‘s are made with washable polyester webbing. This means that not only are they are just a little bit lighter (14.3 oz vs. the 15 oz Newport), but they also come in some fun colors! Both are approved for Waterfront use. The H2 is also available in Toddler and Youth sizes at The Shoe Mart.

 photo (26)

Not only do these features of the Keen Newport and Newport H2 make them ideal for getting out to play ANYWHERE, but you can feel comfortable getting them dirty because they are also machine washable–even the leather sandals.  Keen has done their best to develop leather uppers that can hold up to machine washing without shrinking, stretching, or cracking. Their instructions: “Use a small amount of detergent, wash on gentle cycle and air dry.” We’d like to emphasize the air drying part. Shoes and electric (or gas) dryers do NOT get along.

Live the HybridLife, with Keen shoes that can work and play right along with you.


Keen Women’s Sandals on Sale:



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Sebago Docksides

Since 1946, Sebago has been creating shoes that represent traditional New England style.  It all started when New England natives Daniel J. Wellehan, Sr., William Beaudoin and Joseph Cordeau created the company’s first hand-sewn moccasin. The original Sebago Docksides® boat shoes represent their original, timeless designs.  However, despite Sebago’s history, their shoes are anything but dated.

The Spinnaker lets you show your true colors with two- and three-color uppers.  It also possible to replace the leather laces to further personalize your boat shoes.

B58152 B57954

B72826 B72831   The Men’s Sebago Spinnaker is also currently available in Premium Full Grain Horween Leather for 50% OFF on our website!

B720011 B72831

The Spinnaker is a style with a non-marking, slip-resistant rubber sole, perfect for the deck, dock, or dinner. It’s all in the details with corrosive-resistant Sebago® eyelets, leather socklinging, and littleway stitching. The best part about these handsewn blucher moccs is that the rawhide laces are functional and the shoe molds to your foot over time, allowing for a great fit.

Feel free to check out these other Sebago Shoes as well!




  a54d40ed829b5b0f88ddd1f979e924c8   edc03961709053268390bf47bfe98772deac2aeaf51cf2c3cc79865d7a09a2d5


Curious about how to change the leather laces in your Docksides®? Look no further than this video:

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Reebok CrossFit Nano 3.0 Giveaway!

Reebok aims to create products that enable athletes to unlock their ultimate potential, and the Nano 3.0 is no exception. We are currently running a Facebook Giveaway for a lucky follower to win a pair of these great shoes! Before we tell you the rules, we’d like to tell you a little more about the Reebok Crossfit Nano 3.0’s.

The Nano 3.0 was created to be versatile enough to keep up with CrossFit athletes.  The shoe is flexible and light enough for burpees, box jumps, and running–but offers enough stability and support for Olympic lifts. The DuraCage surrounding the upper will protect your toes during double unders.

The Reebok CrossFit Nano 3.0 has a wider toe box than it’s predecessors, the Nano, Nano Speed, and Nano 2.0, allowing for toes to splay naturally during lifts. This works with the 3.0‘s flat sole (4mm drop) and Dual Density platform that offers optimal forefoot cushioning and heel stabilization. They also look great and, in addition to traditional colorways, they are  also available in super-hero themed colorways:



Contest Rules

1. You must like the photo AND tag three friends for one entry. There is a limit of one entry per person.
2. U.S. Residents only.
3. We will accept entries until 10am on Tuesday, June 24th. The winner will then be randomly selected from the entries.
4. When contest is complete, the winner will receive a single-use coupon for their prize, which must be ordered through our website. Availability of sizes and colorways is limited to items in stock at the time that the winner completes the order.
4. This contest is not affiliated with CrossFit, Inc. You agree to indemnify and hold CrossFit, Inc. harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, made by any third party in connection with or arising out of your participation in this contest.


 Click here or on the photo below to be taken to our Facebook Giveaway!

Click Here to go to the Giveaway!

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SALE! Cole Haan Pinch Promo!

Cole Haan, a subsidiary of Nike, combines over 85 years of quality and luxury with the comfort of Nike’s patented air sole technology.  Combining their experience with their commitment to innovation, Cole Haan designs comfortable shoes that are creative, yet classic.

The Cole Haan Pinch Series is genuine handsewn on the last moccasin construction. All three styles featured are fully leather lined, with a full leather midsole and leather sole, stacked leather and rubber heel, and a cushioned insole for additional comfort.

Known as an upscale brand, Cole Haan shoes are usually priced to reflect their high value.

However, you can now find some of these great shoes on sale for up to 40% off at The Shoe Mart! The Summer Cole Haan Pinch Promo features the following styles:

The Pinch Penny:

The Pinch Tassel

The Pinch Buckle


Other styles on sale for up to 40% off include the Douglas, Dwight, Caldwell, Calhoun, Connolly Wing, and more! Be sure to check our selection of Sale Cole Haan Women’s Shoes as well!

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Tech Tuesday: Alden Lasts

All of the different Alden lasts explained, side by side. You are welcome.

Many of our product descriptions contain videos from our own Joe Zapatka that teach you more about each last. For the full collection of videos on Alden Shoes you can visit our YouTube Channel or Alden Shoes Info Videos Pinterest Board!

You can shop Alden shoes by last at


Alden Men’s Monk Strap Kid Suede Brown Suede

Alden Men’s Full Strap Tassel Calfskin Burgundy

Alden Men’s Wing Tip Blucher Calfskin Burnished Tan


Alden Men’s Cap Toe Bal Oxford Shell Cordovan Black Shell

 Alden Men’s Medallion Tip Bal Calfskin Tan

Alden Men’s 9 Eyelet Cap Toe Boot Commando Sole Calfskin Black


Alden Men’s Plain Toe Bal Patent Leather Plaza Last Black Patent

Alden Men’s 6 Eyelet Medallion Blucher Black Shell

Alden Men’s Plaza Slip-On Plaza Last Mocha Kid Suede


Alden Men’s Penny Loafer Flex Welt Suede Dark Brown 

Alden Men’s Penny Loafer Flex Welt Calfskin Dark Cognac


Alden Men’s Mocc Toe Blucher Calfskin Tar Brown

Alden Men’s Unlined Chukka Boot Flex Welt Suede Tan Suede


Alden Men’s Cap Toe Boot Shell Cordovan Black Shell

Alden Men’s Cap Toe Boot Shell Cordovan Color 8


Alden Men’s Wing Tip Bal Shell Cordovan Black

Alden Men’s Wing Tip Bal Shell Cordovan Color 8


Alden Men’s Leisure Handsewn Calfskin Burnished Tan

Alden Men’s Handsewn 5 Eyelet Blucher Oxford Calfskin Brown Suede

Alden Men’s Leisure Handsewn Shell Cordovan Ravello Shell Cordovan


Alden Men’s All Weather Walker Norwegian Front Calfskin Brown

Alden Men’s Long Wing Blucher Shell Cordovan Color 8

Alden Men’s Long Wing New Dark Tan

Alden Men’s Chukka Boot Natural Chrome Excel

Alden Men’s Saddle Oxford Calfskin Brown


Alden Men’s Algonquin Blucher Oxford Calf Skin Modified Last Black

Alden Men’s 45625H Natural Chrome Excel


Alden Men’s Indy Boot Shell Cordovan Color 8

Alden Men’s Indy Boot High Top Blucher Workboot Tobacco Chamois

Alden Men’s Indy Boot High Top Blucher Workboot Brown Chrome Excel

Lasts that aren’t pictured:


Alden Men’s Plain Toe Blucher Oxford Lightweight Rubber Outsol Black


Alden Men’s Horse Bit Loafer Suede Brown

Alden Men’s Mocc Oxford Vibram Sole Mahogany

Alden Men’s Long Vamp Beefroll Penny Mocc Leather Sole Burgundy High Polish


Alden Men’s Camp Mocc Suede Driving Sole Milkshake


Alden Men’s Algonquin Blucher Oxford Calfskin Truflare Last Black


Alden Men’s Handsewn Oxford Luxury Comfort Calfskin Tan


Alden Men’s Mocc Toe Blucher Oxford Calfskin Trusquare Last Black

If you have any questions about Alden lasts or Alden shoes in general, feel free to call our Customer Service team. They are always glad to help, and they are available at 800-850-7483 Monday through Saturday, 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM EST.

Don’t forget to check out this blog from August that gives you more detail about the importance of Alden shoe lasts when fitting a shoe!

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This Week: All About Alden


This week it’s ALL about Alden Shoes!

Alden of New England is a company that is very close to our hearts here at The Shoe Mart.

Learn all about the different Alden Shoe lasts, what makes the Indy boot an American favorite, all about the history and the traditional craftsmanship of Alden of New England this week.

We are also GIVING AWAY a pair of Alden Fine Cedar Shoe Trees on Facebook.

Make sure to get in on the action!






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