Athletic Shoes

It’s October: It’s colder, the kids are back in school, and people are starting to spend less time outside. However, continuing to remain physically active is one of the best ways to keep away the upcoming winter blues!

As we mentioned last week, at TheShoeMart we enjoy helping you find shoes that suit your purpose. This week, we’re taking an extra-close look at athletic shoes so that you have the right tools to stay fit this season.

First up is the New Balance 990. The 990 first debuted in 1982, and has been loved since as a classic American stability shoe. This shoe is great for the mild-to-moderate overpronator since it is designed to reduce inward rolling of the foot while running.  Most runners with normal or medium arches will fall into this category.


Also from New Balance, we have the 890v4. A lightweight neutral cushioning shoe, it is a great choice for underpornators (supinators) and midfoot or forefoot strikers.

Moderate to Severe overpronators with low or flat arches should look at motion control shoes like the  1080, 1260, and 3040.

If you’d like to take your running off-road…

Consider Inov-8’s RocLite 295, a durable choice with deep cleats perfect for your next trail run or unpredictable adventure.

If you’re really not into running, you might consider weight lifting as a way to stay active.

Pendlay DoWin 2013 Weightlifting Shoes are a traditional weightlifting shoe created solely for Olympic weightlifting. You can read more about why you need specific shoes for weightlifting here.

The Inov-8 Fastlift, Reebok Lifter 2.0 and Reebok Lifter Plus 2.0 are all hybrid weightlifting shoes that are popular with CrossFit athletes and those that want a lifting shoe capable of handling a variety of other movements–in addition to the snatch and the clean and jerk.

The Reebok CrossFit Power Lite TR‘s gripping full rubber outsole, hi-top stability and cushioning make it great for powerlifting moves like the squat, deadlift, and bench press.

Now that we’ve provided you an athletic shoe arsenal, what are you waiting for?

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Time to Weigh In: Reebok CrossFit Nano Series


Many of our customers were curious about the weights of the different generations of the Reebok CrossFit Nano. In an attempt to satisfy that curiosity, we lined them up and put them on the scale. How did they weigh in?

All weights are taken from a Men’s size 8.5.

Nano U-Form:

photo 4 (6)photo 4 (5)

The world’s first shoe developed by and for CrossFitters, the Reebok CrossFit Nano U-Form has an athletic mesh upper, side wall lug wraps, Duragrip toe cap, and an IMEVA midsole. The first generation, shown here in Nacho / Club Blue / Flat Grey / White /Gravel, weighs in at 0.55 lbs, or 8.8 oz.

Nano 2.0:

photo 3 (9)photo 1 (12)

The Nano 2.0 was next, with its DuraGrip toe technology, high abrasion rubber outsole and slightly more cushioning than the U-Form. The 2.0 also weighs in at 0.55 lbs (8.8 oz).

Nano 3.0:

photo 2 (12)photo 3 (8)

The third-generation Nano introduced the DuraCage, making the shoe more durable, flexible, and giving it a new aesthetic. The sole was also made more durable for rope climbs and stability for Oly lifts was added in the heel. Shown here in Violet Volt / Green Smash , one of many superhero-inspired colorways released specially for the Nano 3.0’s, it weighs in at 0.6 lbs, or 9.6 oz.

Nano 4.0:

photo 1 (13)photo 2 (121)

And this year’s model, the Nano 4.0 came with more updates to the DuraCage and RopePro protection wrap. The upper received additional updates in the form of better mesh lining to make the shoe more breathable. Perhaps the most significant update for the 4.0 was the improved heel cup, making it even more stable for lifting. Like it’s predecessor, the 4.0 weighs in at 0.6 lbs (9.6 oz).

So while many reported feeling lighter when running in the Nano 3 and 4, they are actually slightly heavier than the previous versions of the shoe. This is likely due to the additions of more durable materials. Many customers agree that the durability of the shoe is worth the slight addition in weight. What do you think?

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Street Style: New Balance 574

Here at TheShoeMart, we take our athletic shoes seriously. From the comfort of Clarks Wallabees to the waterproof Timberland yellow boot, we love to help you find the perfect shoes to suit your purpose. So you may be surprised to see that today we’re featuring a running shoe that people don’t often run in.

photo 5 (4)

The New Balance 574.

It may seem counter-intuitive for a running shoe to be seen as street-wear, but the classic silhouette of the New Balance 574 is photographed regularly by street style bloggers that love to share its retro style.

photo 3 (8)photo 2 (12)

The New Balance 574 is instantly recognizable as iconic American footwear. Further extending that image, New Balance has committed to making and assembling their shoes in The USA whenever possible and the 574 is part of their Made in USA collection, alongside the 990 and 993.

The shoe is also loved for its comfort and durability– with uppers made of a combination of breathable mesh and long-lasting suede and its anti-fatigue technologies, the 574 is one of New Balance‘s most sought-after styles.  It is also a shoe that has received many make-overs, but we like to keep it classic.

 photo 2 (13)

Wondering what’s behind that comfort? The ENCAP midsole enhances stability and ABZORB technology reduces shock to your foot for all day comfort.  The non-marking rubber sole provides great traction even on wet surfaces. Regarding fit, the 574 is designed with a narrow heel and a wide instep, and it’s anti-fatigue insole is removable to accommodate custom orthotics.

The New Balance 574 has become an athletic shoe for a new type of running: the every-day hustle.

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Business or Casual?

The Loafer is the ultimate business casual shoe. Not to be worn with a three piece suit, but fine for travel and right at home with sports jackets or at a yacht club, the loafer is comfortable without compromising aesthetics. Easy on, easy off, and effortless style.

The Penny

Penny Loafers are great casual summer wear. Year-round, they work well with corduroy, flannel, and chinos . If you’re wearing khakis and lighter colors, be sure to go with a light brown loafer over a darker shoe.

The Tassel

A little more formal than the penny, a tassel loafer works well with a navy blazer and grey slacks.

The Bit

A Bit Loafer does well with a sports jacket. Gucci bit loafers have been seen as dressier shoes, but we still think that if you want to wear a suit, you should complete the look with lace-up shoes.

The Monk Strap


Often categorized alongside loafers due to its lack of lacing, the Monk Strap shoe is secured with a buckle, and is arguably in its own category. This style of shoe is seen as more casual than oxfords, but because of its intriguing design is often placed on the more formal end of the business casual spectrum.

So how do you keep your loafers on the business side of business casual?  A few things to keep in mind:

1. The less ankle showing, the more formal. Look for a full strap penny or a loafer with a higher cut. Keep your dress socks on while at the office (after you punch out, a bit of powder or low cut loafer socks will suffice).

2. Flashy does not equate formal.

3. Wearing Monk or Bit loafers? Consider matching your metals, silver goes better with cool colored outfits and gold/brass with warm-toned ensembles.

As always, we’d like to hear your thoughts. What makes a loafer lean more toward the business side of business casual?

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What Do Your Shoes Say About You?

Shoes are the most sought-after accessory in the world. They come in thousands of styles, fits, and colors.  With so many styles out there, it’s easy to create an image for yourself based on your footwear.  With over 45 years in the business, it’s no surprise to us that people judge each other based on their shoes, but what do your shoes say about you?

We scanned the likes of Huffington Post, Elite Daily, GQ, and Mens Health to see what their experts had to say – and offer a little expertise of our own. Here at The Shoe Mart, we don’t just sell shoes–we love them, too.  We firmly believe in footwear that goes beyond functionality and quality to help you express yourself. Each section includes one of our favorites to battle the stereotypes.


Casual Shoes

Do your casual shoes come off as pretentious? While your boat shoes and driving mocs should compliment your style and show that you care about your appearance, high-maintenance suede and leather can suggest to others that you require a lot of upkeep, as well.

Keep it casual by taking a fun spin on the classic style. Modern loafers and boat shoes in pleasing colors will keep potential dates at ease. Our pick? Keep it fresh with classic navy and a pop of color in Chathams from Austen Heller.

Austen Heller Men’s Chathams, Navy and Green



Popular 2012 Study found people that wear ankle boots tend to be more aggressive (suddenly our intern’s footwear choices are making a lot more sense to us…). Boots began as a more protective footwear, and have a long-standing, working-class reputation. While boots have certainly made it into high-fashion, they are often seen as edgier footwear, and indicate an independent personality.  People who wear boots are also seen as intelligent and interesting. However, Biker- or Military-style boots may indicate a cynical, sensitive, or even egocentric personality.

Intrigue people without scaring them away with a chukka boot. A masculine style that isn’t showy or indicative of emotional instability, a chukka or desert boot suggests that you are hard-working, detail-oriented, and sensible–without being dull.

Alden Men’s Unlined Chukka Boot Flex Welt Suede, Tan Suede

Athletic Shoes

Whether you’re hitting the gym or keeping it casual, what do your sneakers say about you?  If you’re spotting vibrant, colorful kicks, you may be more independent–but not necessarily more extroverted. Retro shoes or canvas high-tops indicate a laid back, trendy personality–but there is a line between “retro” and “grandpa”.  Shoes with white or mesh uppers usually signify an older generation.  As mentioned above, ankle-height shoes sometimes indicate an aggressive personality, but high-tops are also associated with agreeable and socially aware people that don’t take themselves too seriously.

We think the Navy, Conrad Blue, and White Reebok CrossFit Power Lite TR is a great option here. Highly functional, stylish, and not visually boring, it will show your playful side without being too flashy.  Best of all, it can be taken from the street to the gym and back again.

Reebok Men’s CrossFit Power Lite TR, Navy, Conrad Blue, and White.



We don’t think we have to tell you this one, but we’ve noticed that there are still some people out there that haven’t gotten the memo. Wearing both socks and sandals in the summer* suggests indecisiveness and a lack of common sense. If you’re going to wear sandals, please commit. Take the socks off, groom your feet, and sport them proudly.

We’re suggesting a pair of Olukai leather thong sandals. Because thong sandals make it particularly difficult to wear socks in the summer.

Olukai Men’s Ohana Leather, Dark Java


* If you wear socks with your Chacos casually in the winter, we actually like your style.


Dress Shoes

Your shoes can say a lot about you, and your dress shoes are no exception. The good news? The previously mentioned study found that some of the stereo-types of men who sport high-fashion dress shoes weren’t necessarily true.  However, while your new, well-kept dress shoes don’t indicate that you are fussy or a Republican, your concern over your appearance may indicate attachment anxiety.

Worn-in, quality shoes that have been properly maintained indicate that you–like your shoes–are reliable. Taking care of your shoes is a great way to show an interviewer or potential client that you are detail-oriented.

We’re going with a classic in the Allen-Edmonds Strand, with a classic perforated design. Keep it together with a perfectly matching Allen-Edmonds belt in Walnut Calf.

Allen-Edmonds Men’s Strand, Walnut Calf


Every time you put on a shoe, you are communicating to the world something about yourself. So, what do your shoes say?

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Austen Heller

Austen Heller loafers were born of a need: the need for well-made, but accessible casual loafers for men.  The driving and casual loafers offer easy style, even in the warmer August weather.

Founder Gavin Hoffman wanted a loafer that he could take everywhere life led him, a loafer that lasted, and a loafer that looked like it belonged–whether he was at the office, at dinner, or kicking back watching football. Hoffman wanted a quality shoe that met all of his needs, and so he made his own.

Austen Heller casual driving loafers are handsewn with true moccasin construction in European family-operated factories that boast generations of the world’s best footwear. The traditional design of the driving loafer is supplemented with a full sole to offer long-wearing support.

A mocc doesn’t have to be flimsy to be comfortable. Austen Heller loafers were designed with the intention of putting them on and being able to go from place to place without having to think about changing your shoes. Cushioned insoles and soft, calfskin lining make this possible by creating a high-quality shoe that is as comfortable as it is durable.

What are you waiting for? Try a pair today.

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Dr Martens Originals

Dr Martens have long been associated with punk subculture across the globe.

It all began in 1901 when the Griggs family of Northampton, England  began making boots.  The Griggs family was a a free-thinking clan of rebels that paired up with German Dr Maertens and Dr Funck in 1960 to combine a revolutionary air-cushioned sole with the Griggs family’s history of boot-making.

On April 1st, 1960 the first pair of Dr. Martens rolled off the production line.  They were first marketed as reliable footwear for the working man, but quickly moved through youth subculture, from the British skinhead, to the flower child, to the punk, two tone, goth, grunge, industrial, emo, and back again.

The best part of this is that although Doc Martens have remained a classic silhouette throughout the years, their colorways, patterns, and fashion pairings have inspired a sense of expression among each generation, and each individual. Unlike other classic boots, there is no wrong way to wear Docs. Whether they are worn with a suit or dress or cargo shorts or jeans or a mini skirt, Dr Martens express an individual’s own originality.


So we’re posting this blog as a tribute to the Original DM Boot–and to you, an Original.

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Pendlay Weightlifting Shoes

The “Pendlay” branded line started when Glenn Pendlay, who began coaching Olympic Weightlifting in the mid-90’s, joined up with MuscleDriver USA founder Brad Hess to bring a new level of product development to  Olympic Lifting Equipment. Their combined passion, knowledge, and commitment to the sport of Olympic lifting has transitioned to products that are designed with the Olympic lifter’s needs in mind.

The Pendlay weightlifting shoes are strictly weightlifting shoes, and not a hybrid cross-training shoe.  This means that the shoes focus on stability and fit over the lightweight flexibility needed in a running shoe. Pendlay’s famous Do-Win fit. At a lower price point than many other weightlifting shoes, it is a great weightlifting shoe for those that are new to the sport.

The 2013 version of the shoe that is stocked on our site has not only an updated look, but also an improved sole that offers more durability and flexibility. The heel is 3/4th of an inch high, which is the most popular heel height for Olympic Lifting. The real leather and heavy duty black nylon mesh are designed to withstand the tough lifts that you do. The 2013 Pendlay Weightlifting Shoes still have the same Do-Win fit as the originals. We suggest that you size down by a half size from your typical running shoe size.

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Reebok CrossFit Nano 4.0 Giveaway Rules:

photo (31)

1. US Residents Only.

2. You must like, share, and tag a friend in the comments of the original Facebook post. (Here)

3. We will accept entries until 10am on Tuesday, August 5th. The winner will then be randomly selected from the entries.

4. When contest is complete, the winner will receive a single-use coupon for their prize, which must be ordered through our website. Availability of sizes and colorways is limited to items in stock at the time that the winner completes the order.

4. This contest is not affiliated with CrossFit, Inc. You agree to indemnify and hold CrossFit, Inc. harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, made by any third party in connection with or arising out of your participation in this contest.

The Shoe Mart 

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SUP Feet? Shoes for Stand-up Paddle Boarding

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding is becoming pretty popular among water sports in the US.

While many serious racers, free stylers, and paddle boarding yogis prefer to SUP barefoot, there are occasions in which you want to wear water shoes or booties.

Booties are recommended in extreme cold conditions to keep you from losing heat through your feet. Water shoes, however, are often recommended year-round because they protect your feet. This is especially important for beginners, who are more likely to fall off the paddle board and encounter rocks, debris, and even oyster beds.


What should you look for in SUP footwear?

1. The shoe should drain water, and be breathable in order to keep your foot cool and comfortable.

2. You want the shoes to fit snugly to reduce sores and pain from friction and rubbing.

3. The sole of the shoe should be flexible, so that you can make more contact and balance better on the board.

4. Shoes with antimicrobial features help to prevent odor and fungus, and are a good idea if you plan to hang out with your friends after paddle boarding.


Our picks for paddle boarding are the Vibram Five Fingers TrekSport, TrekSport Sandal, and KSO, as well as the New Balance WO70 and MO70.

VFF TrekSport

VFF TrekSport Sandal


The Vibram FiveFingers Watersport shoes offer excellent balance for paddle boarding thanks to their barefoot, five-toe design. They also include antimicrobial footbeds. The glove-like fit and secure closure systems of Vibram FiveFingers means that you won’t have to worry about unnecessary rubbing or discomfort and you will be free to enjoy the great views that are associated with SUPing.


New Balance MO70 / WO70

The New Balance WO70 and MO70 have an excellent midsole, outsole, and heel drainage system. The secure bungee closure system keeps them snug on your feet and allows for stability. The sole offers lightweight protection and traction to help you on the board, and off. This shoe also offers an antimicrobial footbed.

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