Now Available: Juil Footwear

Another addition to our selection of summer sandals is Juil footwear. The Juil brand places great emphasis on health and wellbeing. They have a strong foothold in the yoga community and even include a free yoga mat bag with every pair of shoes!

The coolest and most unique feature of Juil sandals is definitely the exclusive sole conductors found in their footbed. The sole conductors are magnets designed to help rebalance your body’s natural energies by acting as a conduit between your body and the Earth. The goal is pretty simple: To help you connect with the Earth, our greatest source of energy.

The health benefits of this technology are far-reaching and profound. The “earthing” Juil footwear provides can even help cleanse free radicals from your body! If you are a yoga practitioner or wellness minded person in general, we think that Juil sandals are a great addition to a lifestyle which emphasizes nutrition, exercise and wellbeing.

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