New Balance Shoes Thrive on Uniqueness

A brand often needs a unique selling point to survive in the uncouth, competitive world of consumer fashion. Unlike its contemporaries, New Balance believes in cultivating not just certain products, but the name of New Balance shoes itself.

The New Balance philosophy requires that their shoes be identified not by names but by model numbers. This places an emphasis on the New Balance philosophy, not on any one particular shoe. By doing so, they succeed in strengthening and giving due credit to the label. This pays off when customers recognize the inherent superiority and worth of any shoe which carries the New Balance name.

To ensure the maximum comfort of each and every customer, New Balance shoes are available in a variety of widths. At The Shoe Mart, the leading online retailer of quality shoes, men’s shoes range from 2A to 6E. Women’s shoes come in 4A to 4E widths. This is the closest you can get to custom-made shoes without the hassle – and the hefty price tag.

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