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What’s the secret to Naot comfort?

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It’s all in the footbeds.

Naot‘s Footbeds are uniquely engineered so that when you wear Naot shoes, you feel as if you are leaving your footprint in the sand. Each is a high-quality blend of natural latex and cork designed to be flexible, absorb shock, and replicate the shape of the foot. They are also designed to support the foot in all the crucial areas–arch, hallux, heel, and center.  The Hallux, or big toe, support keeps your foot from slipping forward in your shoe. Arch support reduces pressure from the spinal column and joints, while the elevated center reduces pressure from joints in the center of the foot. All of these together with a deep heel indentation help your body to balance and allow for an even distribution of your body weight.

We mention some of our favorite styles and collections below. Each includes a suede-covered, anatomic, latex and cork Naot footbed that molds to the shape of the foot with wear. Be sure to check some of them out on our Naot Pinterest Board, as well. You can also scroll to the bottom of this post to see a video about how Naot shoes are made.


The Classic Collection Footbed is exactly that. It features Naot‘s classic anatomic cork and latex footbed. Covered in suede, the Naot footbed molds to the shape of the foot as you wear it.

The Women’s Classic Collection is best for medium to wide widths. It is not removable. Shoes with the Classic Collection have a .75″ EVA sole and include the Tahoe and Malibu.

Avante Garde

Shoes in the Women’s Naot Avant-Garde Collection, including the Afrodita and Loop, have a 2″ TPR sole and a metal shank for stability.  Best for Narrow to Medium widths.


The Women’s Elegant Collection has a  1.5″ EVA sole, and is best for narrow to medium widths. It is not removable. Shoes in the Elegant collection include Ashley, Alyssa, Betty, Michelle, and Sandy.

The Elegant Flat Collection is has a .75″ EVA non-removable sole, and includes styles like the Allison and Dorith.


The Men‘s Scandanavian Collection features a removable anatomic footbed best for medium widths. The collection includes popular sandals like the Julius and Martin, clogs like the Bjorn, boots like the Pilot, and shoes like the Denali and Yukon.

The Women’s Naot High Scandinavian  Collection has a 1.75″ polyurethane heel and is best for medium width. The lightweight, stable, and durable collection includes the Rome, which has a fully padded upper, and clogs like the Darma.


The Women’s Koru Collection has a 1″, removable polyurethane sole and is best for medium widths. Best for medium widths, the Koru collection includes the Totara and Nikau


The Naot Women’s Impulse Collection has a 2.75″ TPR wedge sole and is best for narrow to medium widths. This collection includes fun styles like the Treasure and Flirt.


The Naot Men’s Executive Collection makes the workplace more comfortable with its removable cork and latex footbed and 1.75″ TPR sole. Take it to the next level with styles like the Chief and Success.


The Men’s Console Collection from Naot has a 1.5″ polyurethane sole and removable Naot cork and latex footbed. Best for medium to wide widths, the Console Collection includes the Gary and Mark.

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