Kamik Heidi

Say hello to your new friend Heidi.

Made of Waterproof EcoLogic Rubber Synthetic Rubber, Heidi does much more than keep you dry and warm on rainy days. EcoLogic Rubber is an environmentally friendly 100% recyclable, Phthalate-free synthetic rubber. Because the material is synthetic, it is resistant from abrasion and UV Rays. It is also more durable than natural rubbers.

Kamik Outdoor is a Canadian-based footwear company committed to keeping you comfortable, safe, dry, and warm all year round. They focus on sustainability and high quality to bring you footwear that is durable, affordable, and easy on the environment. The Heidi is no exception. Available in 7 colors (red, yellow, purple, black, blue, khaki and pink), these rain boots allow you to express your individuality—and with a sleek silhouette and solid color, they don’t attract the wrong kind of attention. Best of all, they Heidi boot comes with removable Kamik Comfort Insoles to keep you on your feet and on the go all day long.

As part of their mission to stay environmentally friendly, Kamik has a recycling program. Any style on this list (http://www.kamik.com/media/wysiwyg/kamik-recyclable-styles.pdf), including the Heidi, can be sent back to Kamik so that they can be recycled. So if you purchase a pair of Kamik boots, don’t forget that years down the line, when they become worn down, you can ship them to Kamik so that they can be recycled! Just post-mark them with this US address:

Attn: Recycling Program
33 Catamount Drive
Milton, VT, 05468

Watch the video below to see how Kamik Boots are made.  If you want to watch the full 10 minutes, go for it, but the coolest part for us starts around 8:50.

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