Dansko Professional Series


Dansko is dedicated to comfort. Each handcrafted shoe is a result of Dansko’s test team of real people who, from the prototype stage to the fit and wear test, evaluate Dansko’s shoes for comfort and fit. This could be why their Professional line is so popular–it is designed to offer professionals optimal comfort when standing all day.

The Professional Series clog offers shock absorption comparable to that of athletic shoes. This, combined with firm support for your foot and arch and an anti-fatigue rocker bottom helps you stay on your feet all day long.  The roomy toe box allows your toes to splay comfortably, while the protective TPU heel counter allows your foot to move up and down freely in the shoe.  Many find this movement alarming at first, but the shoes are made this way on purpose to provide comfort and offer enough lateral stability that you will not fall out of your shoe or roll your ankle, so don’t worry! (You also won’t have to worry about blisters!) The clog also features a PU foam footbed to control temperatures inside the shoe.

The Professionals, a part of the Stapled Clog collection, are popular among both healthcare and food service professionals because they are slip-resistant (APMA Accepted) and can be worn all day long without discomfort.

The best part of this shoe, however, is really how it looks. For a roomy clog, with a two inch heel, the silhouette is pretty sleek.  Somehow, it looks great on both Men and Women. Dansko makes clogs that are durable enough for work, and dressy enough for formal events. There is nothing better than a shoe that you can get a lot of use out of–and because of the comfort they offer, Dansko Professionals will become a staple.  Dansko knows that they won’t be the only shoe in your closet, they just want to be your favorite.


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