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TheShoeMart Gift Guide: The Golfer

TSM Gift Guide: The Golfer


Taking Care of Your Athletic Shoes

How To Clean Your Athletic Shoes

They’re designed to keep up with you, so they know how to get down and dirty. That doesn’t mean they have to stay that way, though. Here’s how to clean up your athletic shoes!

Step 1: Get Prepped. Brush off any excess dirt, remove shoe laces and insoles. Allow the insoles to air out, using foot powder or baking soda as necessary to eliminate odor. Rinse the shoes with cool water to get rid of loose dirt that didn’t come off with brushing.

Step 2: Wash! With most styles, you should be able to machine wash with cool or warm water and regular detergent. We recommend washing them in the same load as your towels. Adding Pine Oil disinfectant to the beginning of a wash cycle (warm water only) can help disinfect your shoes and protect your feet from bacteria or fungus. Lysol brand disinfectant can also be used.

Always check with the manufacturer to be sure that shoes are machine washable.

If you have any doubts at all, hand wash shoes with a soft brush and liquid detergent diluted with water. Scrub the inside and outside of the shoe and be sure to rinse afterwards.

Step 3: Dry! *NEVER put shoes in the dryer. Do not put them near a radiator. Do not attempt to dry them with a hair dryer. High heat will damage shoes. DO put sneakers in a well ventilated area to dry. Stuff them with white paper towels or white cotton towels to absorb the moisture and help retain shape. Some use newspaper, but the ink may transfer to the shoes or to your socks.

Step 4: Finishing Touch. A “magic eraser” or wet wipes work wonders on getting scuffs out of rubber. If all else fails, you can use shoe polish to touch up scuffs.

Athletic Shoes

It’s October: It’s colder, the kids are back in school, and people are starting to spend less time outside. However, continuing to remain physically active is one of the best ways to keep away the upcoming winter blues!

As we mentioned last week, at TheShoeMart we enjoy helping you find shoes that suit your purpose. This week, we’re taking an extra-close look at athletic shoes so that you have the right tools to stay fit this season.

First up is the New Balance 990. The 990 first debuted in 1982, and has been loved since as a classic American stability shoe. This shoe is great for the mild-to-moderate overpronator since it is designed to reduce inward rolling of the foot while running.  Most runners with normal or medium arches will fall into this category.


Also from New Balance, we have the 890v4. A lightweight neutral cushioning shoe, it is a great choice for underpornators (supinators) and midfoot or forefoot strikers.

Moderate to Severe overpronators with low or flat arches should look at motion control shoes like the  1080, 1260, and 3040.

If you’d like to take your running off-road…

Consider Inov-8’s RocLite 295, a durable choice with deep cleats perfect for your next trail run or unpredictable adventure.

If you’re really not into running, you might consider weight lifting as a way to stay active.

Pendlay DoWin 2013 Weightlifting Shoes are a traditional weightlifting shoe created solely for Olympic weightlifting. You can read more about why you need specific shoes for weightlifting here.

The Inov-8 Fastlift, Reebok Lifter 2.0 and Reebok Lifter Plus 2.0 are all hybrid weightlifting shoes that are popular with CrossFit athletes and those that want a lifting shoe capable of handling a variety of other movements–in addition to the snatch and the clean and jerk.

The Reebok CrossFit Power Lite TR‘s gripping full rubber outsole, hi-top stability and cushioning make it great for powerlifting moves like the squat, deadlift, and bench press.

Now that we’ve provided you an athletic shoe arsenal, what are you waiting for?

Ecco: New Arrivals

Founded in Denmark in 1963, Ecco concentrates on providing the perfect fit in each and every one of their shoes. They are world-renowned for their lightweight, comfortable and shock-absorbent shoes. Ecco shoes range from super comfortable walking shoes to slip-ons, heels, and oxfords that are comfortable and dressy enough for the office. Ecco uses direct injection technology to keep their soles fixed on the shoes comfortably and securely, and the ECCO Comfort Fibre System (ECFS) used in their leather covered inlays ensures total comfort.

We think the following new arrival women’s styles are worth highlighting:

First up is the Angel Bow, a flat that comes in Denim Blue-Marine, Black, and Bordeaux. The tasseled tie and lace cap-toe will add a little flair to any casual outfit without going overboard. The direct-injected, one component PU outsole is designed to prevent weak joins that are often the downfall of other shoes. While the Angel Bow is durable, it is also light weight for maximum daily comfort.


The Sculptured 75 Ankle Boot is great for fall. The rich Bordeaux color is great with colored jeans or leggings, and the Black can be paired with virtually anything. The separated panels of the upper give you more room and flexibility without compromising style. This boot is designed for comfort–even in a 2.6 inch heel–with a platform footbed and a leather covered inlay sole with ECFS.




The Sculptured 65 Chelsea Shoetie is a dressier take on the traditional Chelsea/Judhpur silhouette, with a stretch-fit for flexibility that makes it super-easy to take these shoes on and off.  Also with a 2.6 in heel, the added height is comfortable and subtle.  The Chelsea Shoetie is made on an anatomical last shape for ultimate comfort.


The Crisp Tie is a timeless, everyday style made of brushed nubuck leather.  Available in Marine (pictured), Denim Blue, Black, and Coffee, this shoe has a natural look that can be paired with various classic looks.  It is constructed with a breathable half lining to allow feet to stay cool all day long. The sole is light and flexible, but also designed for maximum comfort and durability.


The BIOM EVO Race Plus is designed for a snug, biomechanic fit, made on an anatomically shaped last based on thousands of feet.  The sole is constructed low to the ground for movement that feels natural to your foot.  Available in Silver Metallic/White with purple accents (pictured) and Buffed Silver/Dark Shadow and red/orange accents, the Biom Plus is light, flexible, and and breathable.


ECCO shoemaking combines advanced technology with human artistry, in the video below.

On Sale Now: Ecco Golf Shoes

For a limited time only, we will be blowing out select styles of Ecco golf shoes at 40% off! Ecco golf shoes are well-known for their comfort and quality. In recent years, Ecco has brought an exciting new sense of style to the game. Their current golf line offers hybrid, classic and fashion styles. Browse our selection and see if there is something that is right for you, this is the perfect opportunity to get your game going again before the season is gone!