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Protecting Your Feet From the Cold

As the temperature outside drops, the risk of cold-related injury to your feet increases. Prolonged exposure to cold weather can result in frostbite or–in the case of very humid or damp conditions—trench foot or pernio.

You face a greater risk of frostbite and other cold-related injuries if you have poor circulation or nerve damage, have been consuming alcohol (increases body heat loss), or use products that contain nicotine.  Here are some tips to protect your feet from the cold:

1. Stay nourished and hydrated.  Dehydration, lack of nutrients, and low blood sugar can all have a negative effect on your body’s temperature regulation.

2. Stay warm. Layer your clothing.  Your base layer should be an insulating material that wicks away sweat and moisture, such as wool or synthetic material.  Wear socks in materials designed for cold weather, such as Smartwool and Darn Tough socks.  Longer socks offer more protection than ankle socks.

3. Stay dry. Remember that drier feet are warmer feet. Clothing should be waterproof if possible. Avoid Cotton because it retains moisture, choose synthetic or wool instead.  Carry an extra pair of socks in case your first pair gets wet from sweat or the elements. You can help prevent your feet from sweating with antiperspirant products, foot powders, and special insoles.

4. Pick the right shoe–in the right size! Waterproof shoes are preferable in wet, cold weather. Be sure that the shoes are a good fit, and that you try them on with the pair of socks you intend to wear with them. (For info on how to try on shoes properly, watch the video below.) Shoes that are too tight can interfere with blood flow. Shoes that are too loose will allow exposure to wind and cold.

5. Rotate your shoes.  Your feet need time to breathe in order to stay healthy—and so do your shoes.  Rotating between two or more winter shoes is ideal so that each pair has time to air out and dry, creating a better environment for your feet.

Night Out Attire


It’s been a long week, and you’re ready to wash away all of your workweek stress. You’ve made plans with your friends or date, but there’s one last detail to cover… what do you wear? A night out means that everyone will be looking their best, and you want to belong without blending in.

Not surprisingly, your night out outfit’s appropriateness depends on where you are going.

 If you’re going to a Night Club there will always be a dress code and it will vary based on region and even the club itself. Do some research into what is appropriate.  Nightclubs mean lots of hot, sweaty bodies and spilling drinks.  Navy and grey are dark enough to flatter and they disguise sweat and spills in UV nightclub lighting, black and light colored fabrics do not.




 1D_84153-001  1D_C08947  1D_C11721

Keep in mind that your shoes will probably take a beating from the club scene. Resist the temptation to sport your most expensive pair.  A leather that you can clean and polish up like new the next day are ideal. Keep it classic with a black, plain toed shoe like the Eddy from Nunn Bush, with a slip-resistant rubber sole and padded collar to prevent blisters. If you need to keep it casual, take it down a few notches in something trendy from Cole Haan. Take it a step further and stand out with a pair of chukkas with a pop of color like the Lunargrand Chukka.

Meanwhile, for Date Night, you should avoid expecting the mess and dress to impress instead. What is appropriate always depends on the venue, so call or stop by before the date to see what kind of outfit will fit in.  If you are short on time, you can always look the restaurant up online on sites like CitySearch and Google for photos and suggestions.  Go-tos include sharply tailored silhouettes and darker or subtle neutral shades.




1D_1119_Vellum_black  1D_28-01D03  1D_405

Most importantly, be sure to tell your date what you’re wearing so that you don’t out-dress her. Then, pay attention to your shoes–because she will, too. A well-kept black slip-on like the Vellum from Mezlan appears classic and effortless. At a more casual venue or during a day date, the soft deerskin Wimbley from Alan Payne will keep you looking cool and at ease. For a more rugged look, put on a pair of lace-up boots like the Alden Indy boot.

Whatever you choose, remember that your best accessory for a night out is confidence. Keep a good attitude and you’re sure to have a good time, regardless.

Bootiful Boots and Bags–New Arrivals from Frye

The Frye Company began in 1863 in Marlboro, MA when John A. Frye began making durable, quality boots for hardworking Americans. In their 150th year, Frye still holds to that same quality and durability, and still makes shoes in America. All of Frye’s boots are tanned with natural oils and crafted with the highest standards. Their shoes have been worn by American pioneers, cowboys, soldiers, and Nashville stars like Nikki Lane.
Frye’s Women’s boots are available in many different styles and variations, and the following are just a few examples.

Lace Up: The Erin Work Boot

The Erin Work Boot is durable and functional as a work boot, but fashionable enough to wear to add edgy to a dress. Patterned after antique men’s work boots, t is made of the softest vintage leather with an unlined interior.

Harness: Phillip Studded Harness Tall

An eye-catching take on Frye’s classic harness style, the Phillip Studded has a craquelure finish that just looks tough. This effect is achieved by hand glazing and baking the skins in a kiln.  The signature of the harness style, a Heritage harness ring, is secured at the ankle by three straps with hand-hammered studs.

Western:  Billy Studded

The Billy Studded features a classic Western “cowboy” silhouette with authentic pulls. This traditional style is updated with hand-hammered studs and precision stitching.

Riding Boots : The Dorado and the Paige (Tall)

Designed for horse riding, the riding boot comes up high enough on the leg to keep the saddle from pinching the rider and a distinct heel to keep the foot from slipping through the stirrup.  For safety, the toe is sturdy and the sole is made without much texture so that it won’t catch on the stirrup if the rider falls.

The Dorado has a trim silhouette and is embellished with thin, brass-buckled straps. The upper is vegetable tanned and smooth polished, soft, full-grain, leather. Its simple, cool silhouette is perfect for riding or walking the streets of NYC.

The Paige also boasts vegetable tanned leather, but the aesthetic of this riding boot is slightly different from that of the buckled Dorado.  The shaft and pulls rise beyond the boot panel to create a striking but elegant silhouette.

Casual/Western: CarsonChelsea

The Carson Chelsea combines casual and western styles for a truly unique look. The two gores provide extra flexibility for comfort, and compliment the antiqued sheep leather for an authentic look.

Compliment your boots with one of the New Arrival bags from Frye!

Make your style fun with a pop of bright color, like the Burnt Red of Frye’s Artisan Pocket Tote–

–or keep it relaxed with a Hobo bag like the  Roxanne or the Jenny.

Fit everything you need without looking sloppy in Frye’s Jane Speedy–

–or take only the necessities with the Frye Campus Mini.

Frye also has a large variety of wallets, in different sizes.

The cute small wallets include the Cameron Small and the Roxanne Small Zip.

Those who need more space may want to try the Cameron Large, the Melissa Snap, or the studded Deborah.

Whatever style you choose will serve you well, thanks to Frye’s excellent craftsmanship and commitment to quality.