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Best College Shoes – Women

Entering college often signifies a new stage in your life–a perfect time to update your wardrobe.  As you grow and learn, your style should reflect that growth.  We’ve made a list of some of our favorite shoes for college and university life below.

Comfy Flats

Cole Haan Shoes - Ballet FlatsSoftSpots FlatsTimberland Shoes - FlatsCole Haan Shoes - Ballet Flats

Comfortable flats from Cole Haan, Timberland, and Softspots are perfect for when sneakers or other casual shoes just won’t do. Wear them to class with skirts and dresses (easy to throw on!) or slip them on with your business casual wear for all-day events.

Practical Heels

Rockport Shoes - HeelsCole Haan Shoes - Heels

Cole Haan Shoes - HeelsSoftSpots Shoes - Heels

Times are changing, and now you are more likely to receive an interview for a job or internship while still in college.  While flats are acceptable in interviews, closed-toe dress heels are more traditional.  Comfortable heels not only feel great, but also make you look more practical.  Try a pair from Rockport, SoftSpots, or Cole Haan (45 or 65 series for lower heel height).

 Supportive Sandals

Naot SandalsOlukai Sandals

Vionic SandalsSoftSpots Sandals

Your summer wear doesn’t have to be restricted to flip-flops.  Rock a more mature look that also helps keep your feet comfortable as you run from class to class with cork-bed or leather sandals from Naot, Olukai, Vionic, or Softspots.

Slip-on Casual

Sperry Topsider Classics - Sperry CVOsCole Haan LTE Shoes

Lace-Ups are comfy, but slip-ons like moccs, loafers, and boat shoes are easy to slide on and off–perfect for those mornings when you don’t really want to get out of bed. Make getting to class on time easy by leaving a pair near your door. Our favorites? Minnetonka Kilty, Sperry Top-Sider classics, and Cole Haan LTE styles.

 Weather & WP Boots

Timberland Tall BootsKamik Boots

Cole Haan BootsSperry Topsider Waterproof Boots

Wet, cold, and crazy weather happens–and it doesn’t always result in canceled classes. Be prepared for whatever with Waterproof Boots from Kamik, Timberland, Sperry, Cole Haan, and Sorel (Coming Soon).


New Balance SneakersReebok CrossFit Shoes

inov-8 shoes FastLift Hybrid Lifting ShoeNew Balance Hiking Shoes

From division teams to sports clubs to recreation centers to hiking trips, there are plenty of ways to stay active in college. Whether you’re running, training, lifting, or hiking we have you covered with athletic shoes from New Balance, Reebok CrossFit, Inov-8, Merrell, Vibram FiveFingers, Ecco and more!

Inov-8: What do the numbers mean?

Inov-8 Shoes

Inov-8 is based in the North Pennines, “England’s last wilderness,” and they are passionate about creating the lightest weight, most flexible footwear in the market for functional fitness and running enthusiasts. They are famous for their durability, glove-like fit, and ability to meet the demands of various different terrains, from the box to the mud to the trail. The numbers they use to name their shoes represent the approximate weight of the shoe in grams. 

We have a ton of Inov-8 styles now on sale (all the shoes featured in this blog are currently 40% off!)… but what’s the difference between the F-Lite 192 and the F-Lite 195? Between the FastLift 315 and 335? We’re here to break it down for you.


Inov-8 F-Lite Series

Inov-8 Shoes F-Lite 195Inov-8 Shoes F-Lite 195

The F-Lite 195 is Inov-8’s signature lightweight functional fitness shoe with a sticky gripping sole, glove-like fit, and Rope-Tec reinforcement. A “one arrow” shoe, the 195 has a 3 mm drop.  Flexible and fast enough for any workout, and stable and comfortable enough to lift in, the 195 is rated for indoor, outdoor, and rope climbing use.

Inov-8 Shoes F-Lite 192

The F-Lite 192 is the second lightest F-Lite available (coming in second to the Women’s 185) with a reinforced medial and lateral sections for rope climbing protection. It is a super fast and stable shoe for functional fitness and running purists. The difference between the 192 and 195? The 192 is a zero drop shoe, letting you get closer and closer to that natural run.

Inov-8 Shoes F-Lite 240Inov-8 Shoes F-Lite 239

The F-Lite 239 (right) is designed especially for the female foot with a natural fit, whereas the F-Lite 240 (left) is designed with Inov-8’s precision fit, which features a narrower toe-box.  The other difference between these two models is that the 239 is a 3 mm drop shoe, while the 240 carries a 6 mm drop. Those new to minimal footwear may want to begin with the 240 for a gentler transition.

Inov-8 Shoes F-Lite 252Inov-8 Shoes F-Lite 262


The F-Lite 252 (left) is the stripped back version of the F-Lite 262 (right), once again with the lower number carrying the lower drop of 3 mm (vs the 6 mm drop of the 262).


FastLift 335 (315)

Inov-8 Shoes FastLift 335 - On Sale Now!Inov-8 Shoes - FastLift 315

The FastLift 315 is the Women’s version of the FastLift 335  released in February of 2013.  The shoe has since been updated with new colorways, and now both the Women’s and Men’s FastLift are named FastLift 335.  The original colors of the FastLift are now on sale for under $89.97, a great price for a Hybrid Lifting shoe.


We think it’s also important to note that while Inov-8 makes its women’s shoes specifically to fit women’s feet, many women may also find the men’s styles comfortable as well. Generally, a woman would size down by 1.5 for men’s sizes.  For example, a men’s size 4 would equate a women’s 5.5.  A men’s size 5.5 would be a women’s 7. 


Inov-8 Sale


Reebok CrossFit Nano Pump Fusion Release

Reebok CrossFit Shoes

The Reebok CrossFit Games have begun, and along with them the official release of the Reebok CrossFit Nano Pump Fusion.

The Games colorway features Reebok’s new Electric Peach colorway, but we currently have 3 different colorways of the Nano Pump Fusion in stock– Black & Far Out Blue (Mens), Black & Fierce Fuchsia (Womens), and Black & Excellent Red (Mens).

Reebok CrossFit Shoes Nano Pump Fusion Reebok CrossFit Shoes Womens Nano Pump Fusion Reebok CrossFit Shoes

The Reebok CrossFit Nano Pump Fusion has a sole with all the now-familiar features of the Nano 5.0:  MetaSplit tech, NanoShell midsole wrap, RopePro technology, and heavy duty lug pattern for durability.  However, the upper on the Pump is all new–and one single piece of Kevlar®-infused mesh with a fusion fit sleeve. The glove-like fit of this construction is made customizable thanks to the Pump Air Cage technology.

Reebok CrossFit Shoes Nano Pump Fusion Close-Up Kevlar   Reebok CrossFit Shoes Nano Pump Fusion Lacing Close-Up

So what do we think?

The Pump Fusion is a very comfortable shoe with a lot of thought put into its durability and comfort technologies.  It took us a few minutes to get the shoe on our foot, but once it was on and we pumped it up a bit, we found that it was really comfortable.  We also like the sleek, simple design of the shoe.

The Pump technology gives you a lot of control over fit, and you can make the shoes tighter for stability when you need it most, but also let some of the air out as needed without having to take the shoes off first.  The air pockets are primarily by the heel and tongue of the shoe and fill up there first to lock your foot in.

We’re glad to offer them as part of our selection of Reebok CrossFit shoes.

Reebok CrossFit Shoes Nano Pump Fusion

Watch us test out the pump action on Instagram:

This is not a Nano…

Reebok CrossFit Shoes - Rich Froning Reebok CrossFit Compete

While some have called this shoe the “Froning Nano,” beware… it is not a Nano.  The Reebok CrossFit Compete 6:14 is a minimal competition shoe designed by Rich Froning together with Reebok.  The lightweight shoe will be most popular with fans of the Merrell Glove, Inov-8 Bare-XF, Vibram FiveFingers, and the New Balance Minimus series–and with fans of Froning, as well.

In the video below, Rich talks about Reebok approaching him with an idea “We kind of want to make a shoe that you would compete in, not necessarily coach in or anything like that, but a performance shoe.”  So keep that in mind: this is a performance shoe for competition.

You will find that the shoe does not have the same cushioning or insole as your Nanos. Those not used to minimal running may have a tough time running long distances in the Compete 6:14’s.  You may, however, find it easier to squat deeper and to maintain a proper stance when lifting. Your feet will likely breathe better during your most intense workouts, and the lightweight, glove-like fit of the shoe may make you forget that you even have shoes on…

…but you’ll never know unless you try them out.

The Compete’s were released on February 26th, 2015 and have been hard to find since, but we happen to have a few in stock right now. You can find them on our Reebok CrossFit Page.

The 6:14 in the name comes from Rich Froning’s Galatians 6:14 torso tattoo. The verse goes something like this:  “May I never boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, through which the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world.”

Scroll down for plenty of detail shots and our favorite features.

Reebok CrossFit Shoes - Rich Froning Reebok CrossFit Compete Reebok CrossFit Shoes - Rich Froning Reebok CrossFit Compete Reebok CrossFit Shoes - Rich Froning Reebok CrossFit Compete Reebok CrossFit Shoes - Rich Froning Reebok CrossFit Compete

Reebok CrossFit Shoes - Rich Froning Reebok CrossFit Compete Reebok CrossFit Shoes - Rich Froning Reebok CrossFit Compete Reebok CrossFit Shoes - Rich Froning Reebok CrossFit Compete Reebok CrossFit Shoes - Rich Froning Reebok CrossFit Compete Reebok CrossFit Shoes - Rich Froning Reebok CrossFit Compete Reebok CrossFit Shoes - Rich Froning Reebok CrossFit Compete Reebok CrossFit Shoes - Rich Froning Reebok CrossFit Compete Reebok CrossFit Shoes - Rich Froning Reebok CrossFit Compete

Out Favorite Features include:

  • MetaSplit technology for a natural, multidirectional flex in the forefoot.
  • “Next-to-skin” feel and glove-like fit
  • Minimal platform for lifting with 3mm drop
  • Kevlar CombatCage
  • Outsole with amazing grip
  • Thin, durable upper that is still breathable


Nano 5.0 Weigh-In

Reebok CrossFit Shoes - Reebok CrossFit Nano 5.0

We’re very excited about the new Reebok CrossFit Nano 5.0!  It seems to us like Reebok really listened to athletes about what they need in a cross trainer for the sport of fitness.  With an all-new DuPont™ Kevlar® upper, the DuraCage is gone and the toe-box looks much more like that of the popular second generation of the shoe.  And despite all the technology that’s gone into this shoe for improved support and durability, it looks much sleeker than previous generations.

Last year we compared the weights of all of the prior generations of Nanos in this blog.  A size 8.5 of the Nano & Nano 2.0 weighed in around 8.8 oz, and the 3.0 and 4.0 were a bit heavier at 9.6 oz.

How did the 5.0 compare?

Reebok CrossFit Shoes -  Reebok CrossFit Nano 5.0

We weighed a Men’s size 8.5 Nano 5.0 in at 0.6 lbs, or 9.6 ounces. This means that the Nano 5.0 weighs the same as the third and fourth generations of the shoe, which both relied on DuraCage technology for their durability.  Some advantages the Kevlar® infused mesh upper has over the DuraCage are better breathability, and improved flexibility.  These features all might make the Nano 5.0 feel lighter in comparison to the 3.0 or 4.0.

We doubt that you’ll notice the weight difference between the old Nano 2.0’s and the 5.0’s–and even if you do, we think the comfort and support of the re-engineered midsole in the Nano 5 more than makes up for it.

Reebok CrossFit Shoes -  Reebok CrossFit Nano 5.0