Alden Shoes: Built to Last

Every pair of Alden shoes presents an old-world shoemaking tradition in the US. Introduced in 1884, the first pair of this fine footwear brand was made from genuine cordovan leather that is hand-cut and hand-stitched by talented craftsmen. Since then, the century-old brand has been associated with high quality footwear built with utmost craftsmanship and lasts for a long period of time.

Known for its durable cordovan leather shell that goes through six months of tanning and extensive finishing, this brand of footwear is not suitable for mass production. Each pair of hand-stitched cordovan leather shoes is made with calculated pace, ensuring unmatched quality of the finished product in both form and function.
The classic shoe collection of this all-American brand includes boots, dress shoes, oxfords, slip-ons and brogues. Each pair exudes elegance and ensures comfort for the precious feet of its wearer.

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