Alden Produces Hand-Crafted Shoes with Enduring Quality and Comfort

Alden creates men’s shoes using age-old techniques, crafted by hand, from shell cordovan leather. Whether they are slim oxfords, elegant slip-ons or sturdy brogues, every pair is created with the same comfort and quality found in a pair of custom shoes.

The use of shell cordovan leather brings out the classic designs of these men’s shoes, each taking on a unique character. This leather is of luxurious and enduring quality, and is crafted in a single tannery dedicated to the rare art of manufacturing this fine leather. The tanning process takes a full six months and involves pure vegetable tannage and hand finishing. The result is beautiful leather that is both soft and durable.

Using cordovan leather dictates that each pair must be crafted by hand, as the special qualities of the leather are both unresponsive and elusive to the high-volume production methods that most shoes are produced with today. Order a pair from to feel the difference a pair Alden shoes can bring.

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