Alden Boots Bear the Mark of Fine Craftsmanship

Before the advent of mass-produced shoes, the United States was home to a centuries-old tradition of custom shoemaking. Thankfully, companies such as The Alden Shop have continued this tradition of quality craftsmanship in men’s shoes. Alden boots, in particular, reflect the Alden’s commitment to comfort, luxury and style.

Featuring top-grade shell cordovan, calfskin or suede leather, each pair is made meticulously to exude class, last for many years, and bring great comfort to the man who wears it. Because of these qualities, Alden shoes are recognized worldwide to be the premier dress shoes for gentlemen. At the Shoe Mart, Alden shoes are made available to men who value elegance and fine craftsmanship. Shoe Mart also offers exceptional customer service, and a stock of shoes from size 5 to 20 and widths as wide as EEEEEE.

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