Austen Heller

Austen Heller loafers were born of a need: the need for well-made, but accessible casual loafers for men.  The driving and casual loafers offer easy style, even in the warmer August weather.

Founder Gavin Hoffman wanted a loafer that he could take everywhere life led him, a loafer that lasted, and a loafer that looked like it belonged–whether he was at the office, at dinner, or kicking back watching football. Hoffman wanted a quality shoe that met all of his needs, and so he made his own.

Austen Heller casual driving loafers are handsewn with true moccasin construction in European family-operated factories that boast generations of the world’s best footwear. The traditional design of the driving loafer is supplemented with a full sole to offer long-wearing support.

A mocc doesn’t have to be flimsy to be comfortable. Austen Heller loafers were designed with the intention of putting them on and being able to go from place to place without having to think about changing your shoes. Cushioned insoles and soft, calfskin lining make this possible by creating a high-quality shoe that is as comfortable as it is durable.

What are you waiting for? Try a pair today.

Dr Martens Originals

Dr Martens have long been associated with punk subculture across the globe.

It all began in 1901 when the Griggs family of Northampton, England  began making boots.  The Griggs family was a a free-thinking clan of rebels that paired up with German Dr Maertens and Dr Funck in 1960 to combine a revolutionary air-cushioned sole with the Griggs family’s history of boot-making.

On April 1st, 1960 the first pair of Dr. Martens rolled off the production line.  They were first marketed as reliable footwear for the working man, but quickly moved through youth subculture, from the British skinhead, to the flower child, to the punk, two tone, goth, grunge, industrial, emo, and back again.

The best part of this is that although Doc Martens have remained a classic silhouette throughout the years, their colorways, patterns, and fashion pairings have inspired a sense of expression among each generation, and each individual. Unlike other classic boots, there is no wrong way to wear Docs. Whether they are worn with a suit or dress or cargo shorts or jeans or a mini skirt, Dr Martens express an individual’s own originality.


So we’re posting this blog as a tribute to the Original DM Boot–and to you, an Original.