Tech Tuesday: Alden Lasts

Comparison of Alden Shoes Lasts

All of the different Alden lasts explained, side by side.

Many of our product descriptions contain videos from our own Joe Zapatka that teach you more about each last. For the full collection of videos on Alden Shoes you can visit our YouTube Channel or Alden Shoes Info Videos Pinterest Board!

You can shop Alden shoes by last at

If you have any questions about Alden lasts or Alden shoes in general, feel free to call our Customer Service team. They are always glad to help, and they are available at 800-850-7483 Monday through Saturday, 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM EST.

Don’t forget to check out this blog from August that gives you more detail about the importance of Alden shoe lasts when fitting a shoe!

This Week: All About Alden



This week it’s ALL about Alden Shoes!

Alden of New England is a company that is very close to our hearts here at The Shoe Mart.

Learn all about the different Alden Shoe lasts, what makes the Indy boot an American favorite, all about the history and the traditional craftsmanship of Alden of New England this week.


We are also GIVING AWAY a pair of Alden Fine Cedar Shoe Trees on Facebook.

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Tech Tuesday: Ahnu Numentum

Ahnu focuses on footwear that provides the proper balance of cushioning, flexibility, durability, traction and grip for all of your favorite outdoor activities—from the sidewalk, to the beach, to the mountain trail.


Numentum Technology is a neutral positioning system that is engineered to encourage the natural biomechanics of your foot in order to maximize the stability and efficiency of your stride, wherever it takes you.


Numentum Hike is intended to maintain balance on trails, with or without a pack.  The 60 Durometer EVA midsole and High density  (70 Durometer)EVA plugs with external struts on both the lateral and media sides of the heel give you both the heel stability you expect from a rugged hiker, and the welcome under-foot comfort of an athletic shoe.  A slip-resistant and non-marking Vibram outsole ensures you will keep your footing. However, if you do misstep, a shock-dispersing plate in the forefoot is designed to protect your foot from bruising.


One of our customer favorites is the Montara Boot.  A mid-height hiking boot, the Montara features Numentum Hike technology as well as waterproof eVent® technology in the form of a breathable bootie.  The Montara is light weight and can be used with packs up to 40lbs.  Shown above in Astral Aura (blue), the Ahnu Montara Boot is also available in Tawny Port (red) and in Black.


Customers love it because it keeps them stable even on the most rugged terrain, but the waterproof, stylish design also serves well in the puddles of city streets–and the light-weight comfort allows you to wear them for extended periods of time in either environment.

This Week: Start Ahnu.

This week we are featuring Ahnu shoes!  Named after the Celtic goddess of balance between well being and prosperity, Ahnu focuses on bringing the perfect balance to your shoes–and your life.

We’ll be bringing you plenty of information on Ahnu, including an explaination of Numentum™ technology, style tips for some styles of  Ahnu Women’s shoes, and some hiking tips and tricks as well!

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