Work it Wednesday: Timberland EarthKeeper

Timberland Earthkeeper Boots. (Image from
Timberland Earthkeepers Boots. (Image from

This week The Shoe Mart is bringing you tons of info about Timberland boots, handing out tips, trivia, and even a pair of Earthkeepers 6-Inch Men’s Boots. Maybe you’ve been following along, and you’ve started thinking that you like the look of these boots, but you don’t know how or when you would wear them. That’s where Work it Wednesday comes in. We browse the net for celebrities, models, and the fashion-obsessed, scan reviews for recommendations, add a bit of our own style advice, and put it all in one place, just for you.  Stay tuned each week for a blog on how to wear our featured style and brand.

Timberland Men’s boots are known for their rugged durability, comfort and classic look. The Earthkeepers line adds a modern environmentally-conscious construction. From this line we are GIVING AWAY a pair of the 6 Inch Boot, available in Red Brown Burnished (pictured above) or Dark Brown Burnished Oiled Nubuck premium leather. Made with anti-fatigue technology for the hardworking Americans that spend long days on their feet, you can wear your Timberlands all day, in the great outdoors or just trekking around the city. So what do you wear them with?

You can pair Timberland boots with khakis or chinos. You can pull the pant legs over the boots and wear a collared shirt for a dressier look. If you want to look more modern, you can also cuff them or tuck them into the boots, or your socks. Trending skinny or slim pants can be worn with the boots laced over them as well. Grab your jacket and take to the streets…

Australian actor Liam Hemsworth, left, wearing Timberland Earthkeepers 6-Inch  boots. (Image from
Australian actor Liam Hemsworth, left, wearing Timberland Earthkeepers 6-Inch boots. (Image from

… or head out to the trails. These boots will hold up.

Chinos tucked in socks. (Image from
Chinos tucked in socks. (Image from

You can also wear Timberland Earthkeeper boots with jeans. Timberlands make great casual work boots and you can create a tough look with worn jeans for an adventurous day out, or just wear them working around int he yard.

Jeans are also becoming more acceptable in the workplace, and if you work in a casual environment, these boots are a perfect match for your nicer jeans. Chictopia user OliverPlaid shows off a casual social outfit, and a work-appropriate casual outfit below.

Taylor Lautner wears Timberland Earthkeepers in the movie Twilight, as the Werewolf Jacob Black.
Taylor Lautner wears Timberland Earthkeepers  with worn jeans in the movie Twilight, as the Werewolf Jacob Black.
Chictopia user OliverPlaid pairs his Timberland Earthkeepers boots with cuffed jeans, button-up shirt and cardigan for a casual look.
Chictopian OliverPlaid dresses up his Timberland Earthkeepers with a dress shirt and tie.

So now that you know how to style them, here a few more tips for working your Timberland Earthkeepers:

A lot of reviewers state that these boots, like most Timberlands, run large, so you may want to size down by a half or full size. If you need help with sizing, feel free to contact our Customer Service department.

These shoes have great traction in the snow and ice, and Timberland waterproofing is excellent in the snow.

Most of all, wherever these boots take you, you’re never fully dressed without a smile. Between the awesome comfort and style, you’ll have plenty of reason to grin.


Tech Tuesday : Timberland Men’s Earthkeepers® Original Leather 6-Inch Boot


This week we’re giving away Timberland’s flagship Earthkeepers® boot.  Since it’s from their eco-friendly line, the 6-Inch is packed with technology to make it not only comfortable, but easy on the environment as well.

The lining is made from 100% recycled PET, the same plastic used to make soda bottles. It is still, however, comfortable, breathable, and moisture wicking. It can be compared to the quality of virgin polyester. The shoe laces are 100% organic cotton.  The Green Rubber outsoles are made with 42% recycled rubber, reducing landfill waste without sacrificing traction or durability.

Timberland also gets their leather only from tanneries that are rated either as Silver or Gold in environmental sustainability. These tanneries are rated by the Leather Working Group based on their energy consumption, water usage, air emissions, and waste management.

(Infographic from
(Infographic from

When you consider the technology devoted to comfort, you can take all the Eco-Technology as an added bonus. Pictured above,  EVA Smart Comfort insole includes biorhythmic air channels that push air through interconnected chambers and deliver additional support where and when it’s needed.  It is also leather-lined for comfort and durability. Made on a contoured last, Smart Comfort Biorhythmic is intended to have no break-in period. Timberland’s anti-fatigue technology is made specifically for people who spend all day on their feet, using geometric cone support to provide outstanding comfort while standing, as well as shock absorption and energy return while moving.

Check out this video on Timberland’s Green Rubber, and make sure to enter our giveaway HERE.

Timberland Men’s Earthkeepers® 6-Inch Boot Giveaway!

This week we are featuring Timberland, and as a result we are giving away a pair of Timberland Men’s Earthkeepers® Original Leather 6-Inch Boots.

15551  15550 (1)

One of our top-selling Timberland Boots, the Earthkeepers 6-Inch leaves less of an environmental footprint than most boots, composed of organic cotton laces and recycled linings and rubber. Although they’re environmentally-friendly, these boots are still rugged, with a durable lug outsole (30% recycled rubber) and leather rand for extra side protection.

These boots are great for those that work both in the field and in the office, as they transition well from professional to rugged environments. They are also great for all-day comfort, with Timberland Smart Comfort® Plus technology and removable anti-fatigue footbed.

80% of Timberland customers say that these boots are true to fit, but others state that it may run large/wide. You may want to size down by a half or even a full size on this one or invest in some thick outdoor socks.  If you are worried about sizing, feel free to contact our customer service department or review our Easy Returns policy.

For more information on why and how to wear these boots, keep your eye out for Tech Tuesday and Work-It Wednesday posts later in the week.

In the meantime… enter the Facebook Giveaway HERE !



Liz keeps forgetting exactly how cold 40 degree weather is, until she goes outside and her toes nearly freeze off. She has decided to take action, so she spent some time creating a Pinterest board with tricks, tips, DIY projects, and slippers to keep your feet nice and cozy. Check it out here.

Meanwhile, you can learn about some of the Men’s and Women’s slippers that we carry below, hopefully while sipping on hot chocolate and sitting by a fire.

For Women:


Minnetonka offers many trendy styles of moccasins using only the finest suede, leathers, and pile. Stylish enough to wear out, and comfortable enough to wear around the house all day long, you will never have to compromise. And with so many styles, from simple tie and fringe to more intricate beaded or feathered Mocs, you’ll find the one for you.


Old Friend

Old Friend Footwear Women's Loafer Moccasin Dark BrownOld Friend Footwear Women's Bootee Ladies ChestnutOld Friend Footwear Women's Scuff PinkOld Friend Footwear Women's Clog Navy Blue

Old Friend offers sheepskin slippers that are covered with a durable soft-napped suede leather.  Because the suede material beads off moisture and the rubber soles are constructed for both indoor and outdoor use, most styles of slippers can be worn in dewy grass or on rainy days–perfect for those days when the newspaper doesn’t quite reach the doorstep. Old Friend carries many styles of slipper, from Moc to Mule, and whether they are pink or tan, you’ll find a pair to bring a smile to your face. Many of their styles also come in wide, extra wide, or are adjustable for hard-to-fit feet.


For Men:


Ugg Men's Sheldon BlackUgg Men's Ascot China TeaUgg Men's Scuff ChestnutUgg Men's Byron Bomber Jacket Chocolate

UGG Austrailia sets the standard for premium sheepskin products. Using only Grade-A Twinface sheepskin in their popular Classic boots, UGG has made a name for themselves in quality and comfort. This translates into their line of slippers as well, with genuine sheepskin lining, suede, full-grained leather, molded rubber, and leather lace detailing. Available in sizes up to 18, UGG slippers won’t let you down.


Minnetonka’s carries suede, sheepskin, and moose-hide slippers and moccasins with a more masculine touch (and a lot less beading). Many of their styles come in wide widths and XL sizes (14-16). Rawhide laces and rubber soles make styles durable and fashionable to wear right out of the house.

Old Friend

Old Friend Footwear Men's Soft Sole Moccasin ChestnutOld Friend Footwear Men's Scuff ChestnutOld Friend Footwear Men's Bootie Extra Wide ChestnutOld Friend Footwear Men's Camouflage Moccasin Chestnut

Old Friend produces Loafer Moccasins, Bootees, Clogs and Mules with a masculine touch. Some styles include heavy duty rubber soles, burnished full grain leather trims, and camouflage print. The men’s styles also include wide, extra wide, and adjustable styles.

L. B. Evans

L.B. Evans Men's Klondike Black SuedeL.B. Evans Men's Yukon Chocolate Suede BoaL.B. Evans Men's Yukon Saddle Suede BoaL.B. Evans Men's Edmonton Tan

L. B. Evans uses premium leather, suede and Sherpa to create house shoes that are both classic and contemporary. With products featuring outdoor soles, cushioned insoles, and warm boa lining, you can rest at ease.  Many of L.B. Evan’s quality slippers (like ALL 4 pictured above) are priced under $50 and since they run up to a size 18 Extra Wide, are an excellent choice for those who have larger feet.

Marcoliani Socks

Ok let’s talk basics. A solid foundation starts from the bottom; it doesn’t matter if it’s a complex building or a well-dressed individual. When it comes to the latter, socks are a fashion essential not to be overlooked. From a flash of color accent to refined plush comfort, having a great looking and feeling pair of socks can make the difference in your day.  Dressing or undressing, what you put on your feet matters.


Premium Marcoliani socks are a tasteful addition to any wardrobe. Marcoliani Milano have been making luxury Italian socks since 1947.  They offer a sharp array of styles that strike an attractive balance between tradition and modernity. From classic argyles and checks, to contemporary stripes and blends, the Marcoliani patterns are polished and proven. The color palate ranges from rich and robust to subtle and nuanced, all of which pair magnificently with any fine footwear and are crafted from heavenly Pima Cotton.


Take a look:

Palio Stripe             MAR3231T-266


Argyle                     MAR2990T-241



Pin                          MAR2772T-267


Hamptons Check MAR3484T-035


Front Back               MAR3483T-Z33


Delave Easy             MAR3333T-292