A Thousand Miles – What Makes a Wolverine?

The 1000 Mile Boots from Wolverine set standards for durability when they were made in 1914. Started in Rockford, Michigan, Wolverine has been supplying work boots to Americans since 1883.

So what makes a Wolverine? The company’s namesake hails from the weasel family, but more closely resembles a small bear. For a better idea, the Wolverine is the size of a medium sized dog. The Wolverine’s anatomy sets it up for success: its powerful jaw muscles allow it to feed on frozen meat and bone, and its plantigrade posture allows it to walk on the soles of its feet. This, in combination with its hydrophobic, frost-resistant fur allows it to travel through even deep snow. The Wolverine will travel up to 15 miles in one day in search of food.

The 1000 Mile Boots, and all of Wolverine’s boots are made with the perseverance of the Wolverine in mind. Their boots were built to endure the tough working conditions when the first railroads were built in America in the 1800’s. Today, they are still “Relentless By Nature,” but Wolverine has developed more advanced technologies to increase durability and comfort. For example, the Courtland 1000 Mile Boot comes with a Vibram rubber pad and heel lift for more protection and traction in wet environments. Wolverine also has partnered with Horween for the finest Chromexcel leather that withstands the tests of time.

The durability of Wolverine’s boots is especially important, because they are so versatile. Although the originated as work boots, 1000 Mile boots are ruggedly handsome enough to wear with casual dress and even suits. You’ll get plenty of use out of these boots, appropriate for the office, nights out, and outdoors. So start your 1000 mile story, and be relentless.

Vibram FiveFingers: Start With Your Feet


It’s hard to miss that bright yellow on a sole. You may have noticed that many of our products, from Alden Mocc’s to Merrell Moabs to Wolverine’s Courtland 1000 Mile boot feature Vibram technologies, and for good reason. Vibram’s founder, Vitale Bramani, developed the first rubber sole on a mountaineering boot in the 1950’s, and the company has continued to lead the way with high-performance rubber soles that are world-renowned. In 2006, Vibram released FiveFingers, a sole and shoe that allowed for the most natural and barefoot motion of the foot.

Vibram, along with may barefoot and minimalist running proponents, believe that running in FiveFingers establishes a greater connection with our bodies, making us healthier and stronger. Runners in Vibram FiveFingers have been shown to imitate the shorter ground contact, shorter strides, and reduced impact forces that are observed when a person runs barefoot. It is also noteworthy that although the strides are shorter, they are also more frequent, meaning that the runner spends less time on the ground. The shoes are designed with five separate spaces for your toes and a flexible sole that allows the foot to curl and flex naturally.


If you’re interested in running with Vibram FiveFingers, here are some tips for beginners:

  • Take your time. The transition to running in FiveFingers can take up to a year for some. To avoid injury, give yourself time and space to adjust.
  • Keep traditional footwear on hand.  You may need to revert back to cushioned running shoes. If you don’t want to carry your old shoes with you, you will want to stay close to your starting point in case you need to stop during your workout.
  • Walk or run up a hill.  It is nearly impossible to land heel first when running uphill, so this will help you adjust to the different style of running that FiveFingers require.
  • Listen to your body.  There is a difference between adjustment due to weaker muscles and the strain that causes injury.  If something hurts, you should stop until you can diagnose and correct the problem.

For information on getting started, VibramFiveFingers.com.


Cobb Hill Shoes – Fall Preview

Cobb Hill’s Fall 2013 collection features the gorgeous colors of leaves falling from the trees out your window–from warm reds to almond browns.  The shoes feature antiqued accents that remain functional, like buckles and buttons. Many of this season’s looks keep it feminine with a pleats and accent stitching.  You can wear the Alexandra (middle left above) or Shannon (middle right) with just about anything, from jeans to a long skirt. The slouched look of the Lily (far right) is great for casual days out.  And if you’re feeling edgy? Toughen up your look with the Belinda (left).

Don’t be fooled by Cobb Hill’s fashion forward line–these shoes and boots are part of the New Balance family, and fit accordingly.  With comfortable EVA foam footbeds and TR rubber sole units, you can step as surely as you would in your athletic shoes, and look stylish, too.

WOW 50% Off KLOGS’ Komfort!

Based in Sullivan, Missouri, KLOGS’ USA has been creating WOW Komfort™ since 1999.  A term coined by KLOGS’ customers, Wow Komfort™ refers to the satisfaction customers feel when first trying on KLOGS’ shoes.

KLOGS’ takes pride in the fact that their shoes don’t require breaking in.  These  shoes, made from a polyurethane formula, include removable footbeds that immediately mold to the foot.  The technology also absorbs shock, making KLOGS’ WOW Komfort™ last the whole day. Not only are the shoes designed with a deep heel cup and arch support, but the removable footbeds also allow for the use of custom orthotics and inserts. They are also made a bit wider than most shoes, and with goring, to accommodate the swelling of the foot that occurs when a person is on their feet all day.  Those with high insteps will also appreciate how the goring contributes to the fit.

Because they offer all-day comfort, KLOGS are extremely popular with both nurses and food industry workers.  A key requirement for shoes used in these fields is that they are slip-resistant.  KLOGS USA has made it their goal to provide these workers with shoes that are as functional as they are comfortable on the job.  When tested using the James method, the test recognized by the U.S. Postal Service, KLOGS USA exceeded the slip-resistance standards under dry, wet, and oily surface conditions.

The Shoe Mart offers KLOGS in various styles and colors, and they are now ON SALE for 50% off!  From fun floral prints to stylish and sensible Nubuck, now is the best time to buy Klogs and step into a shoe so comfortable, it will have you saying, WOW!

Bootiful Boots and Bags–New Arrivals from Frye

The Frye Company began in 1863 in Marlboro, MA when John A. Frye began making durable, quality boots for hardworking Americans. In their 150th year, Frye still holds to that same quality and durability, and still makes shoes in America. All of Frye’s boots are tanned with natural oils and crafted with the highest standards. Their shoes have been worn by American pioneers, cowboys, soldiers, and Nashville stars like Nikki Lane.
Frye’s Women’s boots are available in many different styles and variations, and the following are just a few examples.

Lace Up: The Erin Work Boot

The Erin Work Boot is durable and functional as a work boot, but fashionable enough to wear to add edgy to a dress. Patterned after antique men’s work boots, t is made of the softest vintage leather with an unlined interior.

Harness: Phillip Studded Harness Tall

An eye-catching take on Frye’s classic harness style, the Phillip Studded has a craquelure finish that just looks tough. This effect is achieved by hand glazing and baking the skins in a kiln.  The signature of the harness style, a Heritage harness ring, is secured at the ankle by three straps with hand-hammered studs.

Western:  Billy Studded

The Billy Studded features a classic Western “cowboy” silhouette with authentic pulls. This traditional style is updated with hand-hammered studs and precision stitching.

Riding Boots : The Dorado and the Paige (Tall)

Designed for horse riding, the riding boot comes up high enough on the leg to keep the saddle from pinching the rider and a distinct heel to keep the foot from slipping through the stirrup.  For safety, the toe is sturdy and the sole is made without much texture so that it won’t catch on the stirrup if the rider falls.

The Dorado has a trim silhouette and is embellished with thin, brass-buckled straps. The upper is vegetable tanned and smooth polished, soft, full-grain, leather. Its simple, cool silhouette is perfect for riding or walking the streets of NYC.

The Paige also boasts vegetable tanned leather, but the aesthetic of this riding boot is slightly different from that of the buckled Dorado.  The shaft and pulls rise beyond the boot panel to create a striking but elegant silhouette.

Casual/Western: CarsonChelsea

The Carson Chelsea combines casual and western styles for a truly unique look. The two gores provide extra flexibility for comfort, and compliment the antiqued sheep leather for an authentic look.

Compliment your boots with one of the New Arrival bags from Frye!

Make your style fun with a pop of bright color, like the Burnt Red of Frye’s Artisan Pocket Tote–

–or keep it relaxed with a Hobo bag like the  Roxanne or the Jenny.

Fit everything you need without looking sloppy in Frye’s Jane Speedy–

–or take only the necessities with the Frye Campus Mini.

Frye also has a large variety of wallets, in different sizes.

The cute small wallets include the Cameron Small and the Roxanne Small Zip.

Those who need more space may want to try the Cameron Large, the Melissa Snap, or the studded Deborah.

Whatever style you choose will serve you well, thanks to Frye’s excellent craftsmanship and commitment to quality.