On Sale Now: Ecco Golf Shoes

For a limited time only, we will be blowing out select styles of Ecco golf shoes at 40% off! Ecco golf shoes are well-known for their comfort and quality. In recent years, Ecco has brought an exciting new sense of style to the game. Their current golf line offers hybrid, classic and fashion styles. Browse our selection and see if there is something that is right for you, this is the perfect opportunity to get your game going again before the season is gone!

New Arrival: New Balance Classics

We’ve landed some fresh New Balance Classics for the summer. The idea behind New Balance classics is simple: heritage styles in bold new colors and materials. All of the shoes in the New Balance Classics line are based off old patterns from the New Balance line. Yes, at one point in time the Classics were considering running shoes. Though technologies have changed, the simplicity and familiarity of these patterns have helped them transform into an incredibly popular retro lifestyle sneaker that looks both timeless and fresh. While they may not be your go to running shoe, they are great for walking around town!

Now Available: Juil Footwear

Another addition to our selection of summer sandals is Juil footwear. The Juil brand places great emphasis on health and wellbeing. They have a strong foothold in the yoga community and even include a free yoga mat bag with every pair of shoes!

The coolest and most unique feature of Juil sandals is definitely the exclusive sole conductors found in their footbed. The sole conductors are magnets designed to help rebalance your body’s natural energies by acting as a conduit between your body and the Earth. The goal is pretty simple: To help you connect with the Earth, our greatest source of energy.

The health benefits of this technology are far-reaching and profound. The “earthing” Juil footwear provides can even help cleanse free radicals from your body! If you are a yoga practitioner or wellness minded person in general, we think that Juil sandals are a great addition to a lifestyle which emphasizes nutrition, exercise and wellbeing.

Learn more at Juil.com

New At TheShoeMart: Blackstone Shoes

Blackstone is a Dutch handcrafted footwear company founded in 1992. Their roots trace back to a long running family tradition of working in the leather industry. Blackstone proudly value traditions over trends. Their shoes are handcrafted and designed to appeal to both fashion forward and traditional tastes by adding contemporary twists to classic designs. Blackstone shoes first appeared in the US in 2010 and have continued to be warmly received for their unique blend of comfort and style. Browse our summer selection and see for yourself!

TheShoeMart Welcomes Orthaheel Footwear

Orthaheel is an orthopedic footwear brand that believes proper foot care promotes optimum health from the ground up. That’s why all of their shoes contain built in orthotic technology to treat the common aches and pains that result from excess-pronation. Excess-pronation is a condition which causes the arches in our feet to collapse and is a common source of heel, knee or even back pain. It is caused by constantly walking on the hard surfaces of our modern society and affects the majority of the population. The orthotic technology found in all Orthaheel footwear is designed to help correctly align the legs and feet while reducing excess-pronation.

Orthaheel is a welcomed addition to our growing list of high quality footwear because they offer a unique combination of stylish footwear and podiatrist-designed technology. We’ve chosen some of our favorite sandal styles for the summer season. If you suffer from excess-pronation, we think these sandals are the perfect way to treat your feet and look great at the same time!