Choosing the Right Pair of Men’s Running Shoes

Having a good pair of men’s running shoes is important in keeping a successful workout program. A well-fitting, comfortable pair of athletic shoes can make a significant improvement in the performance of a runner as it not only protects the feet but also provides ample support for the legs and knees.

The best athletic shoes for men are usually those carried by recognized brand names such as New Balance and Brooks. These men’s running shoes are known for their high quality and durability.

Most branded athletic shoes are designed based on scientific sports research and studies to provide maximum comfort and performance optimization. The materials used are also durable and comfortable.

The ShoeMart delivers high quality branded athletic shoes for men at affordable prices. With their extensive collection of running shoes, one is bound to find the perfect pair to improve his workout routine. For more information, visit or call 1-800-850-7463.

Alden Boots Keep Shell Cordovan Alive

Photo From Chris T.
Alden Shell Cordovan Loafers atop a piece of shell cordovan leather. Photo courtesy of Chris T.

The process of making genuine shell cordovan leather is rare art. Only one tannery still practices this centuries-old method of pure vegetable tannage and hand finishing in the country. Alden boots are available in this exclusive, specially-crafted leather.

It takes six full months to complete the tanning process for shell cordovan, resulting in leather that is soft and supple yet also very durable. Because of the time and cost of manufacturing this type of leather, many companies opt to use other genuine or synthetic leather types for their footwear. Alden keeps the shell cordovan industry alive by continuing to design and manufacture shoes made from the material.

Photo From Chris T.
Alden Shell Cordovan Indy Boots, Photo From Chris T.

The classic patterns that are distinct in Alden boots and shoes take on a unique character when made from genuine shell cordovan leather. The company has perfected the art of crafting stylish, old school-inspired American footwear that is both comfortable and durable. Visit to find high-quality yet comfortable footwear for men.

Allen Edmonds Provides Classic Style and Comfort

Sophisticated style and practical comfort come together in Allen Edmonds men’s shoes. The company’s classic and contemporary footwear lines exude the timeless appeal of old school American design. Any man who wants to look good in a formal suit or sports jacket can top off their look with these classy and comfortable shoes.

Every shoe made by the company is handcrafted through a meticulous process of more than 212 different production steps. Every material is examined before it is cut and sewn, and every stitch is painstakingly done to ensure top quality and durability. The shoe designs are specially crafted to fit both formal and casual occasions and come in all possible men’s sizes.

Shoes from Allen Edmonds combine elegance and comfort in all of its men’s footwear. Because of its wide array of sizes and widths and different shoe designs, customers are sure to find the perfect shoe to fit their preference and lifestyle. Find the perfect pair of shoes at

Born Shoes: The Footwear that Provides Comfort and Casual Elegance

Born shoes combine handcrafted styles, premium leathers, and fine details to produce casual footwear for discerning men and women. The company pays meticulous attention to detail, as well as fresh and innovative styles that is surely eminent to each pair of their shoes.

Born has a style and design that is both classic and hip, without sacrificing comfort. Because of the quality and artwork that the company produces, they have successfully gained loyal followers who have made Born footwear a part of their everyday lives.

Born’s collection of footwear for women range from boots to flats, while their collection for men range from dress shoes to sandals. The line offers comfortable shoes that provides casual elegance, infused with a higher degree of sophistication, refined styling and handcraftsmanship

The different styles and designs of Born shoes for men and women are available at The Shoe Mart. View their online catalog at, or call 1-800-850-7463 for inquiries.

Bacco Bucci Pumps Up Men’s Footwear Fashion

For many of the younger generation, dressing up in formal wear is something to be annoyed with or even despised. Suits and ties are stuffy and the shoes are too boring for several young men’s tastes – not to mention uncomfortable. Formal leather men’s shoes tend to strain the feet the longer they are worn. It is rare to find a pair of shoes that can go well with both a pair of jeans and a crisp suit, but it is even rarer to find a formal pair that provides the same comfort as a pair of sneakers.

Designed in Italy, this line of men’s shoes and accessories provides world-class, expertly crafted products. The designs give a fresh take on classic men’s styles, offering bolder colors and more adventurous styles.

The material used for Bacco Bucci footwear is not limited to inflexible leather. Some designs are made of suede or a combination of suede and leather to produce unique styles that not only create a fashion statement but also provide long-lasting comfort. Look up the stylish and high quality men’s footwear at