Alden Boots Bear the Mark of Fine Craftsmanship

Before the advent of mass-produced shoes, the United States was home to a centuries-old tradition of custom shoemaking. Thankfully, companies such as The Alden Shop have continued this tradition of quality craftsmanship in men’s shoes. Alden boots, in particular, reflect the Alden’s commitment to comfort, luxury and style.

Featuring top-grade shell cordovan, calfskin or suede leather, each pair is made meticulously to exude class, last for many years, and bring great comfort to the man who wears it. Because of these qualities, Alden shoes are recognized worldwide to be the premier dress shoes for gentlemen. At the Shoe Mart, Alden shoes are made available to men who value elegance and fine craftsmanship. Shoe Mart also offers exceptional customer service, and a stock of shoes from size 5 to 20 and widths as wide as EEEEEE.

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Alden boots, visit, or call 1-800-850-7463 today.

Florsheim: A Pioneer in Men’s Shoe Designs

The Florsheim brand has been producing high-quality shoes for more than a hundred years, since 1892. It’s a pioneer in terms of shoe designs; the company sold the country’s first square-toed shoe in 1926. They began producing women’s shoes in 1931. In the same decade, they custom-made size 37 boots for Robert Pershing Wadlow, who stood at 8 feet 11 inches and weighed 429 pounds by the time he was 22 years old. They have been providing wartime shoes since 1898, during the Spanish American war and have also produced golf shoes for various teams and tournaments over the years.

The brand’s Riva model has been its top selling shoe since 1979. That’s 40 years of timeless excellence. This model is available at, as well as many others. The site carries Florsheim shoes in different styles, colors, and sizes. Buyers will surely find the best shoe for their size at

High Quality Moreschi Shoes Available at

If there’s one word that epitomizes Moreschi shoes, it’s quality. The use of refined CAD software (computer aided design) is the only computerized stage in the production process. All the leather is stored in a leather warehouse; available leathers can cover up to a year’s worth of production. 80% of the leather is cut using metal dies, though there are still several models that are hand-cut.

The shoes then go to the sewing department, which is composed of highly trained professionals. The moccasins, in particular, are still hand-sewn according to the 50-year-old procedures. The shoe then goes through the lasting process, or the process by which the body is attached to the “last” sole. The shoes are finished in a special department whose processes include cleaning, polishing, and branding of the sole.

Moreschi shoes are available at, an online retailer of the biggest shoe brands. Many of these shoes are on sale.

Magnanni Shoes Part of The Shoe Mart Illustrious Collection

Magnanni shoes stand for sophistication. Designed for the man who knows his appearance is a reflection of his style and taste, these shoes are both classic and contemporary. Founded by Sebastian Blanco, the company has been in the family for three generations. Operations are based in a small town in Spain.

The shoe brand prides itself on three principles: commitment to quality handcrafted footwear, a rigorous leather selection process, and the application of distinctive designs. The unique thing about this brand is that they use the Bologna construction method, whose end result is similar to a glove for the foot. carries this Magnanni as part of its illustrious shoe collection. The shoes come in various styles and colors, and can be shipped directly to the buyer’s home. By purchasing Magnanni shoes, men can show off their sophisticated style to the world. Top sellers include the Toledo, Pamplona, and Palma models.

Good Foot Health with Dansko Shoes from

Dansko literally translates to “Danish shoe.” The company began when, 20 years ago, two young lovers were constantly bringing back pairs of Danish clogs from Denmark for their friends and family. They decided to put up their own company to produce the clogs, instead of cramming the shoes in their suitcases. Many of the shoe models carry the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) Seal of Acceptance. This means that the shoes are designed to promote good foot health.

Their shoes feature contoured footbeds, a roomy toe box, rocker bottom soles, and a slightly raised heel. The shoes are designed to still feel comfortable after 12 hours of use. Dansko shoes are available at, an online retailer of the biggest shoe brands. They pride themselves on having the largest selection of the most sought-after brands. The site offers free shipping for all orders to anywhere in the continental USA.