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Alden Boots Bear the Mark of Fine Craftsmanship

Before the advent of mass-produced shoes, the United States was home to a centuries-old tradition of custom shoemaking. Thankfully, companies such as The Alden Shop have continued this tradition of quality craftsmanship in men’s shoes. Alden boots, in particular, reflect … Continue reading

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Florsheim: A Pioneer in Men’s Shoe Designs

The Florsheim brand has been producing high-quality shoes for more than a hundred years, since 1892. It’s a pioneer in terms of shoe designs; the company sold the country’s first square-toed shoe in 1926. They began producing women’s shoes in … Continue reading

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High Quality Moreschi Shoes Available at

If there’s one word that epitomizes Moreschi shoes, it’s quality. The use of refined CAD software (computer aided design) is the only computerized stage in the production process. All the leather is stored in a leather warehouse; available leathers can … Continue reading

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Magnanni Shoes Part of The Shoe Mart Illustrious Collection

Magnanni shoes stand for sophistication. Designed for the man who knows his appearance is a reflection of his style and taste, these shoes are both classic and contemporary. Founded by Sebastian Blanco, the company has been in the family for … Continue reading

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Good Foot Health with Dansko Shoes from

Dansko literally translates to “Danish shoe.” The company began when, 20 years ago, two young lovers were constantly bringing back pairs of Danish clogs from Denmark for their friends and family. They decided to put up their own company to … Continue reading

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Kenneth Cole Shoes 30% Off at

Kenneth Cole is one of the biggest names in the shoe industry today. The company had its beginnings during the 1982 Market Week in New York, at a trailer outside the Hilton Hotel. In two and a half days, more … Continue reading

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Spring Colors are In Season with Cole Haan Shoes

Spring is here and it’s time to pack up the winter boots with their dark and heavy colors and shop for shoes that will bring the spring back into your step. Cole Haan has open-toed ballet flats that will do … Continue reading

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